Noor Mohd Helmi Bin Nong Hadzmi, CEO & Founder, IX Telecom,

IX Telecom: Enhancing Worldwide Internet Connectivity with the Premium Touch of SD-WAN Technology

For an organization, carrier neutrality is an important factor to think about when deciding on a data centre. Carrier neutrality offers companies alternatives when it comes to interconnectivity services, and they can also find a solution that meets their specific needs. IX Telecom, a company that offers Telecommunications services, provides a full spectrum of connectivity, ICT, and managed services worldwide.

An interview between Insights Success and Noor Mohd Helmi Bin Nong Hadzmi, CEO & Founder of IX Telecom, exhibits the company’s unparallel services, major aspects of the industry, and how Noor Mohd Helmi started his journey as a college student and become a tech leader.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What led to the inception of the company?

Noor Mohd Helmi and his college roommate had a dream of building a telecommunications company, but they quickly realised it required immense capital and time to establish the necessary physical infrastructure. They didn’t have any investor support, so they had to improvise and restructure their original business model. Noor Mohd Helmi explored and studied the virtual network operator model that was already working overseas, tested it, modified it and finally established the first Asian-based virtual network operator.

After years of planning and training, IX Telecom was finally launched in 2008, right in the middle of Asia’s financial crisis. Unlike other telecommunication companies, IX Telecom operates without any physical infrastructure. Instead, they leverage working with over 1000 partners around the globe because the supply chain is complex and expensive to manage especially in remote areas. This business model was a tough sell in Malaysia, so he crossed borders and won the trust of Malaysian owned companies abroad, which in turn strengthened their credibility back at home. Within a few years, he managed to expand the network to more than 200 countries in the world. The services have evolved to cater to all the countries as well as the uncategorized territories, autonomies, and islands, which is why we say 200+ countries. IX Telecom, born in a tiny college room, now competes at par with the largest network operators of the world.

Describe the company’s innovative Cisco solutions which address all the needs of its customers.

IX Telecom has successfully implemented CISCO’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to address the customer needs by:

  1. i) Reducing Cost per bandwidth: CISCO SD-WAN addresses this issue by removing certain expensive links such as Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS) and leveraging on cheaper high-speed commodity Broadband links with help of redundancy links and granular visibility. This makes the customer rethink the usage of transport links for non-critical and critical business applications.
  2. ii) Protecting Critical Business Applications: to have a reliable and consistent network performance for critical business applications that meets the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is key for the customer. CISCO SD-WAN provides intelligence and automation into the solution by routing traffic based on the performance of the transport links and application.

iii) Cloud Adoption: CISCO SD-WAN with integrated security capabilities in a distributed manner can offload traffic straight to the internet/cloud from the remote office and reduce latency rather than the conventional method as traffic needs to go through centralized security before offloading the internet.

How does the company’s Cisco solutions more advanced compared to the other companies’ solutions?

Migrating or revamping networks are common in IT solutions, but concern arises when the latest solution adoption requires the purchase of specific devices which could lead to high CAPEX. CISCO has an advanced SD-WAN solution compared to others with the capability to migrate with ease by using the existing devices such as ISR and ASR routers thus allowing companies to reduce CAPEX.

Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry.

Noor Mohd Helmi has proven himself to be a leader of the people and brings the best out of people. IX Telecom is a Malaysian company with a global mindset and employees from diverse backgrounds such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Poland, Ukraine, Kenya, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Slovakia, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos and many other countries.

An engineer by profession and an entrepreneur at heart, he has proven that innovation, forward-thinking and compassion are the keys to success in this era.

Describe in detail the values that drive the company.

Innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement are the driving forces behind IX Telecom. In the past two years, IX Telecom has successfully deployed new product innovations and initiated a new subsidiary focusing on digital healthcare (IX Health). Our efforts are geared towards technology innovation, automation, and digitization which has led to exponential growth. IX Telecom has established partnerships around the globe and provides services to a variety of clients based on its strategic collaboration.

Through disruption and continuous improvement, our company has been able to withstand the storms of change as we are not standing against it but moving with it.

What technologies is the company leveraging to make its solutions resourceful?

SD-WAN helps to address the shortcomings of the traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) in terms of cost, complexity, security and putting a strain on the network as the IT industry is constantly changing and evolving. CISCO SD-WAN solution can adapt to the current technology trends with its capabilities of Network Management System (NMS) and features for managing, monitoring and analyzing the entire network via a single pane of glass.

What are the company’s future aspirations? What strategies is it undertaking to achieve those goals?

The innovation at IX is a continuous process and Helmi intends on expanding operations to more physical locations worldwide and transforming the products and services to consistently meet business and community needs. In the past two years alone, IX Telecom has expanded physical office operations to Myanmar and Indonesia, successfully deployed new product innovations (SD-WAN and digital transformation) and launched a new subsidiary focused on digitalization in the healthcare sector (IX Health). IX Telecom has also established partnerships around the world. This ensures consistent quality services as human capital is not over expensed even with the rapid increase in demand for our products and services.