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Cyber security is never 100%, It’s a continuous improvement process.

Valency Networks: Powers the Globe by Providing Mobile App Security Solutions

Increased use of Mobile Apps has enabled the internet traffic to shift from desktop to mobile space. Unfortunately, mobile applications are not safe anymore, in fact they in-turn give rise to numerous serious cyber security problems for the “data in transit” & the “data at rest”. In 2008, Valency Networks moved in action, and came up as a One Stop Shop for professional cyber security & IT infrastructure management services that caters to various industry verticals. While the IT world is developing at a rapid speed, there are many challenges & pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors…….
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Enterprise Of The Month

Clover Infotech – A comprehensive IT services company

The IT industry has undergone a paradigm shift today. The emergence of new technology trends and interest in areas such as social, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) is leading to several path-breaking innovations……….
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CEO Of Month

TheAppsSmiths : We develop Mobile Applications that Deliver Results!

There has been an immense change in the way, a man thinks about promoting and developing his business online and this all is due to the internet awareness and the extensive globalization. To cope up with the globalized world………
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20 Most Valuable Mobile Application Solutions Provider

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