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MapR : A-1 Platform to Get Big Results from Big Data

Enterprises are continuously looking for a big data platform which is flexible, reliable, scalable and able to suit the needs of software developers and allow […]

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Captricity : The First Cloud-Native Enterprise Data Capture System

In 2009, Kuang Chen, Founder and CEO, got the idea for Captricity while conducting his PhD research in Tanzania. At the time, Kuang was helping […]

Gainsight : Lead the World in Customer Success

Earlier, companies focus was totally on sales and marketing because customers were often “stuck” after purchasing. Therefore, all of the “post-sale” experience was a cost […]

General Datatech : Transcending The Sale of Technology

For nearly two decades, General Datatech has been enabling client success through the integration of technology. Not only important in the simplification of processes and […]

IIS Technology : Advanced Analytics for Modern Expectations

The people involved in a Big Data solution are as important as the process and technology. IIS’s team is noted for their certified PMP Project […]

Paxata : Makes Data Worth Analyzing

Paxata is the only Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise. Paxata’s platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set […]

TeleTech : Leading Innovation in Humanifying the Customer Experience

In this hypercompetitive global economy, customer experience and brand loyalty are more important than ever. TeleTech’s holistic Customer Engagement platform helps companies create opportunities to […]

Vion Corporation : Paramount Customized Analytical Solutions

For any enterprise, forward-thinking solutions are the gateway to enduring success. As a leading IT enterprise solutions provider with over three decades in the industry, […]

Visual BI Solutions : Evolutionary Solutions for Revolutionary Results

Today, large enterprises have enormous amounts of data. They are challenged to capture, control and visualize this data so that they can make right decisions […]

Windward : Bringing Unprecedented Visibility to the Maritime Domain

Windward is a maritime data and analytics company bring unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain. It has built the world’s first maritime data platform, the […]

Zephyr Health : Next Generation Solutions for Life Sciences

Zephyr Illuminate™ is an Insights­-as-­a­-Service solution that harnesses global health data, including public, vendor and internal data to provide a holistic view of treatment and […]

Zettaset : A Pioneer in Providing Big Data Security Management Solutions

Big Data, which may have its challenges and approach, which allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers, represents the […]