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Title21 Health Solutions: Innovating Healthcare Technology

The pace at which new technology is reshaping our everyday lives is increasing at lightning speeds. The influence of technological innovation continues to grow, changing […]

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Jeannie Walters, Founder & CEO, 360Connext
360Connext: Forward-Thinking Strategies for Effortless and Seamless Customer Engagement

Today’s business world is in a new epoch of enlightenment and advancement, when customers have grown to expect personalized, top-notch service in a fraction of […]

Avankia: Impressive CRM Solutions, with Technology Consulting For SaaS & Cloud Applications

“A leader is always quick to adapt to change as things come their way, but will remain focused and persistent. If there is a will, […]

Aditi Juneja, Business Manager, Avignyata Inc.
Avignyata Inc.: Creating Original & Effective Online Experiences

Social media is a continually evolving realm with amazing potential for business communications. Now that there is nearly 25% rise in social media marketing, there […]

Brocade: Undisputed Frontrunner Specializing in Data and Storage Networking Products

In today’s business scenario, research has shown many times that having women at the top positions in the hierarchy is ‘good business sense’: firms perform […]

Convergence IT Services: Strengthening Businesses with Complete IT Solutions

Competition has never been fiercer, and it has become imperative for each corporation and business to compete for every inch of the consumer share. A […]

Cyrus Innovation: Establishing The Best Agile Processes For Your Software Team

Business innovation is a combined activity that moves from a unique idea, through development to implementation. It requires involvement of many people with a variety […]

Development Dimensions International: Talent Management Expertise For Business Ready Leaders

Only 2 in 10 companies today have the leaders to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. The good news? When they do, they are 3 times more […]

Interactive Bees: The name is inspired from ‘Honey Bees’ for their efficiency, controlled hierarchy, social awareness, evolution, and most importantly, girl power!

Monica Gupta, an entrepreneur by profession, an idealist by choice, a spiritualist by design, and a humanist by virtue; embodies the spirit of enterprising women […]

M2Mi: Helping Businesses Drive Business Value and Revenue in the M2M and IoT Economy

In IoT, businesses are often taking a leap into the world of Information Technology and digital transformation without a strong background in the complexities of […]

Margin’sview: Helping Improve Profit Margins

Every organization today strives to be a profitable one. However, emerging companies lack the internal expertise which could help them maintain and sustain the kind […]

Moksha Media: Discover the Power of Integrated Online Branding

In this techno-savy 21st century, the online presence of a brand is as important as its offline presence. Moksha Media, an online Branding Agency, established […]

niiti Consulting: Reinforcing Ideas Through Research, Strategy And Design

“Whether it is a man or woman at the helm of a business, the key to success is to have a never-say-attitude. Skills can be […]

NIN Ventures: Leading Next Generation Technology Venture Capital Funds

Increasing number of startups is seeking funds and management skills to maintain their growth rate. That’s a void venture capital firms are willing to fill. […]

Trendsetting Woman: Speculator of an Unusual Move

Phenomenal female entrepreneurs are disrupting industries, creating innovative products, leading the teams globally, and ultimately, changing the world. Something which cannot be ignored about female […]

Refashioner: Your Kind of Platform for Shopping Better

Approaching the fascinating trends of the fashion industry, the designers themselves are dyed-in-the-wool followers; a scenario that is seen from time to time. Beyond any […]

Revisewise: EdTech Solutions and Personalized Learning Experience Giving Competitive Advantage

The culture of business partnerships is deeply rooted by brothers and fathers usually, with a few exceptions of standing tall sisters and mothers. For long, […]

RV Solutions: Vigorous and Prudent Service Provider in Telecommunications

The ‘telecommunication’ word came from the French engineer/novelist Edouard Estaunie, being a compound word from Greek ‘tale’ meaning distant and Latin ‘communicate’ which means to […]

Saarathi: A Brave Face behind The Revolutionary Patient Centric Healthcare Company

In spite of several breakthrough innovations in the field of medicine, the benefits reach only a miniscule minority. Affordability, lack of awareness, education, access and […]

San José State University: One of The West’s Top Public Universities

Consistently ranking one of the West’s top public universities offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, San José State University (SJSU) provides a wide range of undergraduate, […]

Stappu: A Creative Platform to Showcase Culinary Art is one of its kinds, creative platform driven by community and e-commerce. Stappu curates gourmet food from local Culinary Artisans. provides an artistic […]

Tatvaya: Bringing Your Brand to the Lime Light

Today, every business urges to be the “first-choice” of the customer. The need to strengthen and manage the perceptions of a business, branding is just […]

ThoughtWorks: Disruptive Thinking in Software Design, Creation and Delivery

Today, more women are leaders of businesses than ever before. This new breed of leaders are known for their management skills that grow the organizational […]

Trigyn Technologies: Simplifying IT Management with Innovative Solutions and System Integration

The World was always reluctant to acknowledge the fact that women were good on parameters of hard work, intelligence quotient (IQ) and leadership traits. The […] The Haven of “Happy Travellers”!

Each ‘Yatra’ begins with the first step taken outside home and ends in nostalgia of ‘Home Sweet Home’! In any voyage, planning is most crucial, […]

Zapyle – Pop Up Shop Goss!

Fashion is a big deal. The opportunity for the industry to have a positive impact on global society and the environment is just as significant […]

Creating a Unique Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Around Alumni to Grow Innovation and Entrepreneurship in our Institutes and Corporates

For a young entrepreneur in the initial stages of their venture, there are many elements to success – validation, guidance, investment, resources, connections, to name […]

Gender Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace

What is gender sensitivity? Is it the same as gender equality? Are workplaces in today’s India gender sensitive? Is sexual harassment of women in the […]

Undeniable Significance of Content Marketing

Advertisement industry has always been striving to sell the brand or product in the most impactful way.  Since the window to communicate about the product […]

Kalpavrksha’s Journey Towards Success

Throw some light upon “Bridging the male-female gap in the industry”. Bridging the gap between male – female ratio has already started in the industry. […]

Revitalizing Feminism Towards Entrepreneurship

Vanquishing the male chauvinism, women have outshined in the global industry with their utmost fervor that has proved their business excellence along with victory. Since […]

Entrepreneurial Future Bending Towards an Aura of Feminism

Decades ago, semblance of feminism was encircled to clamp the domiciliary activities where women were not supposed to get associated in public events. Generations later, […]