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Catherine Heald: Leading Optimistically in Challenging Times

The global travel industry has been challenged in 2020. Companies who had debt to pay off or negative balance sheets were the hardest hit, and many have a long road […]

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Dr. Celeste Fralick: Pursuing Her Passion for Data with Perseverance

Long before Data became the gold that it is today, there were people who were trying to mine it, process it and transform it into comprehensible content. […]

Ellen Voie: Pioneering Gender Egalitarianism in Transportation Space

During the ’80s, when boys could take shop class while girls were only allowed to learn home economics, Ellen Voie believed herself to be lucky […]

Marina Tognetti: Empowering Professionals through Digital Language Training

A decade ago, no one would have thought that the whole world will have to adopt everything-digital over traditional – from grocery shopping to banking […]

Lauretta Hamza
Transforming Healthcare in Africa: Efforts Needed By Today’s Business Leaders

The pandemic unveiled deeper challenges facing Africa’s healthcare system. Stakeholders, decision-makers, and the elite in various regions were not left out of being stung by […]