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Jarrod Levitan | CEO | TriNimbus [ Insights Success ]

TriNimbus: Igniting Infinite Potential for Growth & Innovation

With the advent of new software engineering cultures such as DevOps, cloud usage is growing rapidly. Organizations are increasingly seeking to adopt the cloud to […]

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DevOps - Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops - Insights Success
DevOps – Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops

For centuries, humans have had a propensity to pit two or more teams with distinctive functionalities against each other – even when they are on […]

Organic Networking [ Insights Success ]
The Impressive Impact of Organic Networking

The main reason for the invention of website, Internet and technology devices that provides the platform for software to run and connect with each other […]

Apiumhub: Redefining Innovation in Technology

The IT Industry is facing a lot of inefficiencies such as missing deadlines of projects, lagging quality of application development projects, outages, cost variance, etc. Enterprises are looking for methodology that […]

Jan Kritz | CEO | Nordcloud [ Insights Success ]
Nordcloud: Delivering All-Inclusive Cloud Services across Europe

Cloud computing, through the course of development of the software industry, has turned into a basic necessity for numerous organizations to function efficiently. It comes with a broad list of […]

Ian Charlton | Co-founder & Director | Gary Jenn | Co-founder & Managing Director | PinnacleQM [ Insights Success ]
PinnacleQM: Delivering Revolutionary DevOps Solutions

Traditional software automation and integration in DevOps is overly time-consuming. The prolonged and expensive effort in creating & maintaining automation, constrains organizations. PinnacleQM eliminates these limitations to enable a bright and robust […]

Oren Rubin | Founder & CEO | Testim | AI Test Automation Platform [ Insights Success ]
Testim: The Ultimate AI Test Automation Platform

In today’s competitive environment, time to market and exceptional user experience is the key to growing your business. Quick example: Visiting a branch – out. Online banking – in. Banks […]
A Strategic Approach to Implement Continuous Testing Across the Enterprise

As teams and enterprises grow, it becomes important to have scalable testing processes in place. In particular, it is vital to have continuous testing throughout […]

Rami Sas | CEO | WhiteSource Software [ Insights Success ]
Putting the Sec in DevOps with Automated Tools

The pace of software development has kicked into high gear, with new versions being churned out at a breakneck pace. In hopes of shortening the […]

DevOps Industry: Trends and Challenges

With the rise of the Internet economy, the release cycle for Internet products has become a major issue. What was once month or week-long cycles, […]

Enticing Developments: Moment Marketing Makes Its Mark on B2B Events in 2018

As the working world is inundated by technology and data, professionals are buried in a sea of email messaging, mobile messaging, advertising, social media, content, […]