Michael | President | Home Personal Services

In Home Personal Services: Providing a Quality Home Care Experience for Both – the Entrepreneur and the Customer

Specialized healthcare or personal healthcare is gaining a market cap on a completely new level. People are more into personalized healthcare services nowadays. It is increasing the demand for ethical service providers in the space that show true dedication in their work. Acknowledging an individual’s health care needs is of utmost importance but, it is also difficult at the same time.

In these pandemic times, healthcare services with proper medical care and the need for expert medical personnel to guide patients has emerged as one of the dire needs for a lot of people, especially the elderly. To mitigate the risks while providing optimum care is the need of the hour now. This calls for utmost professionalism among the caregivers and a kind heart to carry out the duties passionately, besides effectively and efficiently.

Enabling a tailor in-home care to every individual’s specialized healthcare needs is In Home Personal Services. The healthcare franchise is facilitating a full range of services with optimum care to the patients, under the leadership of Michael A Collura – President of these in-home agencies. What began as a journey to provide quality senior care to a few in 2004 has become a major organization and care provider for countless seniors over the past 15 years.

“We believe that senior care is essential. Now, more than ever, we see that our caregivers are an unforgettable and essential part of our client’s safety, well-being, and daily lifestyle,” says Michael. The team of this esteemed franchise feels proud to have been the chosen provider by so many and is grateful for the opportunity to continue that mission today all across America.

A Caring Personality

Michael began working in a nursing home when he was just 15 years old. With a passion for senior care, he has developed many of the service models today under In Home Personal Services. Through it all the principle guiding factor of compassion, quality care has been a part of every fiber in the fabric of the healthcare franchise’s brand along with Michael’s approach.

“We provide hands on care to promote independence to seniors in the comfort of their own home. Our services provide for the assistance, whatever that may be, to our seniors to ensure they are able to live the lifestyle of their choosing as an alternative to facility-based care,” he says. These services are essential to our seniors’ ability to progress in their day to day lives and are often the difference in making their lifestyle an independent one. Bringing peace of mind and comfort to the entire family knowing that Micahel’s team is there to ensure all the clients’ needs are met becomes truly satisfying experience for them.

In Michael’s opinion, healthcare as a whole is lacking everywhere. As a country, he feels that we are falling behind many other countries in the provision of healthcare to our most vulnerable citizens, while private organizations, healthcare professionals and even just the friendly neighbor impact lives daily in a positive way. He thinks that collectively we can do better. “We strive to be better and seek out new ways that innovate the delivery of care,” shares Michael.

Opinions that Matter

Expressing his take on the impact that COVID-19 had on the healthcare sector, Michael says, “So much is said about the world not being prepared. I say look at all those healthcare workers that were. They never gave up and this very moment, those in our own company and around the world are fighting. They were prepared, it is called a dedication to your patient. Simply put, humanity and compassion won over fear and anxiety. Leadership alone did not stem the tide of this pandemic or pulled back so many from the brink, or kept countless others safe, the frontline workers did. They led the way, not the ‘leadership’.”

When asked about what the future of the senior citizen care solutions market could be, post the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael asserts, “It will grow, more so than previously expected. More importantly it will evolve. It has to. To ensure we never see so many fatalities or have so many loved ones cut off from their family ever again. At In Home Personal Services, we have already begun the task of developing a far more prepared approach for COVID-19 today, tomorrow and in preparation of the next pandemic.”

Talking about why adapting novel technologies is important in any business, Michael states, “Without further advancing our own tools or challenging our own systems we fall behind those that do. At In Home Personal Services, we work to innovate and redefine ourselves because we never stop learning. If you or your business is unable or unwilling to evolve, you get left behind.”

Dynamics of the Care Space

The Senior Care industry as a whole is highly sought after due to the security of the business model. During this pandemic, caregivers have turned out to be one of the most essential factors in healthcare services. Caregivers are called upon to provide their expertise and services to their best abilities in these difficult times, whereas other businesses were forced to shut their doors and cease operations.

At In Home Personal Services, the franchise has a proven business model, but it also has been in business for over 15 years. “It matters how we got here and what it is we do in times like this, that matters,” adds the team of this esteemed franchise. The franchise is growing at a rapid and exponential pace. The requests for franchises all over the United States has been simply overwhelming at the company’s onboarding offices.

It is clear that this track as an industry and as a brand, In Home Personal Services will continue to grow at a fast and exciting pace. Advising young entrepreneurs who wish to enter the caregiving business, Michael says, “Do it because you care. Nothing secret or mysterious. Care about those you will be entrusted to provide care to and everything else will happen for you as it should.”

We asked Michael how he envisions on sustaining and scaling In Home Personal Services’ offerings and expertise in the near future, to which he said, “Some will say this is a highly competitive industry. I disagree, or perhaps it is my approach that is different. We see it as you are either competent and compassionate or you are not. The approach here at In Home Personal Services is clearly different and we will continue to drive new thinking and innovation forward in everything we do. Given the current surge in prospective franchisees we currently have and are working through the disclosures on I think we will be far more ahead of our own projections over the next 5 years, and those were already rather aggressive to begin with.”