How to Get Ungated on Amazon in 2021

Sellers are full of queries and questions about selling on Amazon; however, one of the most common ones is how to get ungated on Amazon. There are specific categories on Amazon that are restricted. Amazon sellers must complete an entire application procedure to start selling items that belong to one of the gated categories.

Alpha Repricer, the best Amazon repricing tool, always makes things easier for Amazon sellers. If you have an excellent selling plan to kill it this year on Amazon, but you have run into a snag with a restricted category, this post will teach you how you can get ungated on Amazon and truly crush it!

Let’s begin!

Restricted Categories on Amazon

Even if the category doesn’t cause you trouble, a few restricted items on Amazon might need clearance. For instance, specific goods under the software category or even jewelry items require approval from Amazon. Sellers must submit a request if they want to sell any restricted items or categories.

Following are a few of the restricted categories on Amazon that require you to submit an application:

  1. Collectible books
  2. All major Appliances
  3. Gift cards
  4. Fine Jewelry
  5. Sports Collectibles
  6. Fine Art
  7. Entertainment Collectibles
  8. Shoes, Clothing, Luggage and Accessories
  9. Sexual Wellness
  10. Textbook Rentals
  11. Powersports and Automotive
  12. Toys and Games
  13. Grocery and Gourmet Foods
  14. Video, DVD, and Blu-ray
  15. Wine
  16. Kindle Accessories
  17. Watches
  18. Collectible Coins

If you are questioning why such everyday items are under Amazon restricted categories, it is because, for Amazon, customers are its top priority. The eCommerce giant makes sure customers can buy these products with confidence without worrying about being scammed. Thus, Amazon limits the number of sellers and only allows those sellers who have an established brand.

The marketplace wants to provide shoppers with an unrivaled shopping experience. That is why their approach of reducing risk ensures that only the top sellers have accessibility to these restricted categories. They do not want to compromise on quality and double-check before giving sellers the go-ahead.

How to get ungated and start selling?

Various categories may require distinct tactics to be followed if you want to get approval. However, there are certain commonalities that you can opt for when you apply for any restricted item. These include but are not limited to:

1. Open a Wholesaler Account if you have not already!

First and foremost, Amazon requires you to have a wholesaler account having the same shipping address as your Amazon account. Although, if your LLC name differs from your name on Amazon, we suggest you use both when you create your wholesaler account.

2. Make some purchases!

The second step is to search for items in three separate categories, such as Grocery and Gourmet Food; Beauty and Personal Care; and health items, and order a few from each category to add them to your inventory. You could order sweets, body cream, or vitamin supplements, each of which would be a distinct product from a separate category. Order these test products from a trustworthy supplier to make sure you do not compromise on quality. Also, when purchasing, keep in mind that your main aim is to get unrestricted, not to profit from the products you ordered.

3. Make sure to scan and double-check your invoices!

While you wait to receive your invoices, double-check that all your data is right. Also, once you get the invoice, keep it safe and do not put any markings on the original document. Any changes you make must be made in the copies rather than marking on the original invoices.

Scanning them will not be difficult, but you may also snap photographs of them. If you go with this option, click pictures in sufficient lighting, use high-resolution images and brighten them or increase their clarity if necessary.

Tip: Check if your seller name does not appear on the top of your invoices, and if you do not see it, add it before you scan them. Ensure you put the UPC, ASIN, and product model number for each item you mention in the invoices. It is also a plus if you provide pictures of your items instead of invoices if you seek to get ungated under Luggage and Travel, Shoes and Accessories, Handbags and Sunglasses, or Clothing.

4. Send your application for approval

You can send separate application forms for each category you would like to sell under. Now submit your application and wait to hear back from Amazon, which might take minutes to several hours or even a few days. Make sure to submit your application within regular working hours to improve the chances of receiving a quicker response.

You can expect two kinds of responses from Amazon,

  1. If your application gets approved, then congratulations, you made it! You can now start creating listings to start selling your products.
  2. However, it is okay if your application gets rejected. Amazon will provide you with a rationale for the refusal, which will act as a roadmap or the changes you need to implement before you reapply to get ungated. Make sure Amazon believes that you sell quality products by presenting your stats clearly.


Getting ungated on Amazon is not as easy as it seems. You will have to face rejections and constantly improve your application to get approval. However, all the effort is worth it as selling gated items opens your chances to reach out to more audiences and get maximum sales, so keep trying!

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