How to Buy a VPN Service with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular all over the world. Instead of only crypto trading, people are using cryptocurrencies to buy things as well. Digital currencies offer enormous benefits as compared to conventional currencies. More importantly, it saves a lot of transaction fees and unnecessary charges. People who use cryptocurrency understand the importance of VPN. Mostly, digital currency holders use a VPN to perform any transaction.

It helps in hiding your identity and securing your money. However, it is important that you don’t leave any traces on VPN websites. Using VPN bitcoin payments is the best way to go. Buying a VPN service with a cryptocurrency will ensure that you stay anonymous. Continue reading to find out more regarding why you should use a VPN Bitcoin and how to buy it.

Why Should You Use VPN Bitcoin Payments?

The purpose of buying a VPN is to hide your identity while making crypto transactions. VPN provides you with an additional layer of security and protects you from hackers.

However, the idea fails entirely if you use conventional payment methods. With a credit card payment, you provide your identity information. Hackers can easily trace you with your identity and will try their best to steal your money.

Using VPN bitcoin payments ensures that you protect your identity while buying a VPN service. A cryptocurrency user should never leave any trace that can lead to your wallet.

Apart from security, you don’t need to pay conversion fees or transaction charges. Since there is no staff to manage your transactions, you don’t need to pay extra dues.

How to Buy VPN with Cryptocurrency

Once you find the best VPN service, you need to sign up by providing the required details. Move to the next step and choose a plan that suits you. While signing up, it is important that you use a VPN and burner email to hide your identity.

Why? We will talk about this later in the article.

After selecting the plan, you will be taken to the payment screen. Here, you need to find a cryptocurrency option.

When you click on cryptocurrency, it will take you to a third-party payment system. Most of the VPN service providers use third-party payment systems. Now, you can either sign up or choose to pay as a guest.

Enter your details and it will provide you with a QR code and payment URL. You can scan the code with your cryptocurrency application or paste the URL into the wallet. In any case, it will ask you to review payment details.

After you confirm the transaction, it will take a few minutes to verify on the blockchain. If it needs to be verified more than a few times, it may take longer than usual.

Eventually, you will get a payment confirmation screen. Now, you can use the VPN as you like.

Use a Free VPN While Buying the Service

When you decide to buy a VPN service, you need to visit the website while using another VPN. You can use a free trial for this transaction. Make sure that you choose a reliable free one that doesn’t sell your information.

It is important because those service providers don’t track your information while using the VPN, but they do track your activity on their website. It helps them to understand customers and generate more sales.

Since you don’t want them to trace your IP address, you should be using a free VPN service.

Windscribe Free

With servers located in 11 countries, you will have a fast and secure connection. Thankfully, it offers a generous limit of up to 10 per month for free.

The positive thing about the service provider is that they have an excellent privacy policy. You can use the service without any concerns. It is available on Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

ProtonVPN Free

Arguably, ProtonVPN is the most popular free VPN service. The reason behind its popularity is access to full features without any limits. Furthermore, they don’t compromise on your privacy, which attracts more people.

The VPN service is supported on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Feel free to use any free VPN without compromising your privacy. Apart from these two service providers, there are many free options available to you.

Use a Burner Email

While buying a VPN service, they ask for an email to confirm you are human and send you payment confirmation details. Moreover, you can reset your password with the email.

Here it is important that you don’t provide your primary email. If your service provider’s website gets hacked, your data will be compromised. Thousands of hackers attack websites every day to get your previous data.

To stay out of trouble, you should use a burner email to sign up or complete your payment. Burner email gives you a temporary address to receive emails. While accessing a burner email website, you need to use a VPN.

There are many websites that offer free email addresses with some limitations. You can read your email within a limited time before it gets removed. Moreover, every email is public and requires no password. Some service providers don’t allow you to send a message, which means you can only read emails. Check the terms and conditions to avoid any issues.

Conclusion On VPN Bitcoin Payments

Now, you know the basics of buying a VPN with cryptocurrency, it is important that you apply them carefully. If you miss any of the details, you may leave an identity trace to allow hackers to reach you.

Using VPN bitcoin payments, you need to ensure that you don’t provide your primary email. Always use a VPN while accessing your VPN service provider’s website. Remember that VPN is the key to secure your digital currency.

As a matter of fact, bitcoin holders always use VPN to stay anonymous. Moreover, they keep changing their locations and IP addresses to prevent any identity trace.