Himalaya to offer free cleft-lip surgeries with ‘Muskaan’, tying up with NGO

Now The Himalaya Drug company has launched a cleft lip surgery, as a part of the ‘Muskaan.’ Himalaya drug company has also partnered with Smile Train India, an International NGO dedicated to spreading awareness on cleft deformities to provide free cleft-lip surgeries to the under-privileged, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

As part of the initiative ‘Muskaan’, Himalaya Lip Care will enable a minimum of 100 cleft surgeries through Smile Train India, in the first year of their partnership, and so far 55 cleft surgeries have already been completed. The company said in a statement that, “Further, a contribution of Rs. 2 from the purchase of every Himalaya Lip Care product will be made towards the cause, all this is part of the Himalaya’s CSR initiative.”

The treatment of cleft in India is hampered due to economic and perception constraints. Thus, the need to provide access to free surgeries and spread awareness becomes more pressing. Himalaya Drug Company’s Business Head-Consumer Products, Rajesh Krishnamurthy said, “We understand that lips are conduit to expression of one’s emotions and confidence, but a cleft condition hinders both. As a leading brand, we have taken this initiative to support the patients suffering from cleft-lip and help make a difference in their lives.”

And further he added, “The treatment of cleft is hampered more due to the economic and perception constraints, thus the need to provide access to free surgeries and spread awareness becomes more pressing. The launch of ‘Muskaan’ and our association with Smile Train is aimed at meeting these.”

Mamta Carroll, Joined ‘Smile Train’ (501 organization, the largest charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates) in 2006 and managing the largest program area in India.

Smile Train Vice President and Regional Director for South Asia, Based in New Delhi, Mamta Carroll said that, over ten lakh children in India live with untreated clefts and this birth defect impairs eating, speaking and breathing and can lead to a life filled with shame and social isolation for the children and their families. Mamta has seen first-hand the enormity of unrepaired cleft, its impact on entire families, and the adaptability of Smile Train’s partners to transform lives.

She says, “In the last 16 years, we have helped provide new smiles and second chances in life to over 4,50,000 children in India.”

Smile Train has been providing training and funding to empower local doctors and hospitals across India to provide 100 percent free cleft repair surgery.

“The learning, sensitization, sense of fulfillment, and relevance this work gives, is truly a blessing. I consider myself truly privileged to be part of the Smile Train team,” says Mamta.