Vivek Srivastava | CEO | Co-Founder

HealthCare atHOME: Delivering Credible Clinical Outcomes, For Every Patient, Every Time

With a vision to be the most people-centric, credible, and comprehensive home healthcare solution provider in India, HealthCare atHOME (HCAH) was incepted. HCAH is a leading home healthcare service provider in India backed by the Burman family (Dr. Anand Burman and Gaurav Burman), the promoters of Dabur, and the founders of HCAH UK (Dr. Gareth Jones & Charles Walsh).

In April 2013, HCAH became operational and initially associated with leading hospital chains for post-surgical treatments at home such as medications, wound dressings & physiotherapy. Fortis Escorts Delhi was its first partner. The company is a leader in many medical facilities beyond the hospital, such as ICU atHOME, Cancer Care atHOME, etc.

In 2014, HCAH acquired Health Impetus, a Mumbai based disease management firm in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. Since then, the business has expanded and is now the country’s largest disease management firm. In 2016, HCAH also forayed into a JV with M3 Inc (a US$ 40 billion group).

Clinical delivery & patient-centricity are the prime pillars that have always remained on top priority for HCAH. Therefore, in 2019, it became the first home healthcare company to be accredited by QAI under Indian homecare standards.

In an interview with Insights Care, Vivek Srivastava, the CEO & Co-Founder of HCAH shares some valuable insights on how the company is following the best practices in medical care and maintaining international protocols and standards.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What services does your organization provide, and how are these services making an impact on your clients and customers?

We can provide a complete spectrum of healthcare procedures at the patient’s home or in the community except for surgeries and emergency medical procedures. This is nearly fulfilling 70% of the healthcare needs of an average Indian Consumer in a cost-effective way and that too in the safest environment called “home”.

Some of the key services offered by HCAH include setting up ICUs at home, cancer care, Dialysis at home, step-down care, nursing, physiotherapy, attendant services, lab tests (including COVID related tests), equipment & Medicine delivery, teleconsults, and elderly care at homes across the country.

We also support a large number of patients suffering from chronic diseases to manage their diseases and deliver superior outcomes. We touch >1lac patients monthly across on chronic diseases. In these pandemic times, we have also partnered with the government of Delhi and Karnataka to deliver Home isolation services. We have handled more than 50,000 patients on home isolation across the country. We are also providing these services to Fortis hospitals across the country and many other hospitals. We have partnered with insurance companies such as ICICI Lombard to provide cashless COVID and non-COVID services at home.

We also help Industries and corporates with advisory, implementation & monitoring services around the health of their employees as they move towards post lockdown resumption of production. We have extended help to corporates with telehealth helplines dedicated to their employees in these challenging times. We have created oxygen bed capacity in RWAs and for corporates as well. Home healthcare impacts our clients and the business deeply.

There are a lot of actions which have a positive impact on society:

  • We support screening 100,000+ patients a month which leads to early detections of diseases, thus saving a lot of money spent on complications arising out of diseases.
  • Our services are cheaper than the hospital (ICU is 60% cheaper and cancer care 20% cheaper) and we have been able to increase access to the services by delivering into the underserved locations across the country. We have delivered drugs with an average of 40% discount across the country. In this way, we have led to increasing the access and affordability of healthcare. Healthcare is one of the top 3 causes of people moving below the poverty line across the country.
  • We have employed in 70+ cities across the country with 40%+ female employee participation.

Also, in these pandemic times here are a few instances that left a huge impact on the customers & society. We have managed 50,000+ COVID patients at home.

What are your organization’s franchising USPs and what additional benefits/opportunities do you offer to your potential franchisors?

Our Key USPs include:

  • Quality: We are a clinical management firm compared to other companies, and thus one of our key differentiators is clinical efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and therefore have a ranking of about 65% and above NPS (Net Promotor Score) in most months.
  • Employee Centricity: People are our greatest asset, and we invest heavily in training, skills management, and engagement.
  • Technology is Our Backbone: We have been a paperless organization since day one.
  • Our monitoring and documentation are technology enabled.
  • Have strong hiring, training (simulation-based and electronic), competence, and auditing process (site, telephone, and Video-based)
  • Patient facing app available for self-management. We monitor them by remotely the back end including e-ICU for critical patients.
  • Reach: We deliver services in 70 cities across the country and deliver pharma products to 600+ locations across the country.

Where do you envision your organization to be in the long run and what are your future goals?

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the home healthcare organizations have faced uncertain census shifts, increasing cost of supplies, erratic staffing, and a whole host of other challenges. While the storm has not all weathered the workers, a majority of them have. Now as the home healthcare landscape is getting more stabilized it will come out better &stronger than ever.

Today people choose convenience and safety more than anything else. Therefore, healthcare delivery at home is safer, convenient, and cheaper as well. We believe that with the push from COVID coming in all the sectors will get benefited and with our clinical credibility, we would get a disproportionate share of this benefit.

As an industry expert, what would be your advice to aspiring healthcare/franchising professionals and entrepreneurs?

Healthcare is a sector which you should think of investing for the long run. It is largely recession proof and would continue to grow as our country grows and per capital incomes increase. However, I’d suggest you do not rush into the sector because you think you have a new technology alone. You need to think of a business model behind it. Healthcare has care as part of it. It involves people’s lives.

An error is therefore more expensive than food/commodity supplies or e-commerce. Having said that, I think that in the healthcare space enough and more opportunities are waiting to be disrupted. If the right technology is combined with the right clinical competency and if the patients can be acquired cheaply, magic will get created. We are more than happy to work with upcoming startups or existing players to create value for our customers.

About the Leader

Vivek Shrivastava is an IIT Delhi & ISB Alumnus. HCAH is the third healthcare business Vivek has started. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Indian Oil and Capital One before his MBA from ISB. Post his MBA, he joined the investment industry starting with Ambit Corporate Finance. During his stint with GTI (a private equity fund), he started Nova’s IVF business besides leading fundraising and M& A for Nova and Air Works (investee companies of GTI).

After a brief stint of doing investments into Africa, he joined the Burman family to start the family office for Gaurav Burman. He did 6 investments for the family, represented the family on many Board and started 2 healthcare startups including HCAH where the family invested. In July 2018, Vivek won the prestigious, Entrepreneur of the year Award for healthcare services at 8th Annual Entrepreneur India award held at Aerocity, New Delhi.