GHO Group: Where Technology Meets Opportunity

Almost every business sector including entertainment, education, training, communication and security is revolutionizing due to the emergence of multimedia platforms. These new technology platforms showcase the demand for an expert media solution provider. The broadcast and media industry is constantly evolving. It has become a prerequisite for media planning and designing companies to anticipate new trends and industrial changes to provide the best guidance and advice to clients. Whether it is a new facility or upgrading an existing one, there are several methods to deliver programming and content in a better way to every business. But very few companies have the notable ability to identify clients this way and provide them with future-proof media solutions. GHO Group is one of them.

GHO Group is an independent consulting firm, specializing in planning and designing media production facilities for broadcast and cable companies, corporations, educational institutions, and cultural organizations. GHO has a substantial portfolio of success providing unique, practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced in building new facilities or implementing new technology strategies.

Advisory Services and Strategic Planning that Converts Vision into Reality 

GHO provides advisory services and strategic planning in the development phase of an engagement, designing a technology solution and creating a project plan with milestones and deliverables that are achievable, to insure a successful project. GHO functions as the senior project administrator coordinating the implementation process and strategy.

As a strategic adviser, GHO identifies its clients requirements and helps them achieve their goals by recommending the technologies and resources that will bring their vision to reality. The company executives work closely with the associated organization, and makes the most of their internal resources, preferred service providers and approved contractors. GHO utilizes its broad experience base to benefit its clients. And by sharing best practices in design, addressing budgets and schedules with special attention to crafting the process it assures best results for its clients.

In addition to this, the company is one of the recognized leaders in technology implementation. GHO’s design philosophy is based on sustainability and a principal that the provided media solutions must be future proof.

A Dynamic Tech Individual Leading from the Front 

Gary Olson is the Founder and President of GHO Group. He provides direction to the company as a thought leader in digital media and broadcast technology as well as in cognitive computing. Olson’s book, Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility – A New Puzzle to Solve, is considered as a top reference book to the broadcast industry.

This dynamic individual has a considerable following of his articles on The Broadcast Bridge, assisting the industry with knowledge and guidance during the transition to computer and IP network-based technologies for media production and distribution.

Advising the Market in the Adoption of the New Technology Systems 

The expression ‘digital transformation’ covers a broad spectrum within the media and entertainment industries. This transformation has had significant impact on content creation and distribution coupled with disruptive changes in the technologies that support these industry sectors. The size of the screen does not determine the platform that content is delivered to or how it’s delivered. There are different production considerations for each digital platform and new monetization opportunities.

GHO is uniquely positioned to serve as an advisor on the transition to these new technologies, provide guidance and strategy to optimize the investment of organizations and assist the technical support staff in adopting the new technology systems.

Enticing Potential Clients with Comprehensive Strategies 

In today’s connected world, communication is one of the key requirements to keep in contact with an audience. GHO is known and respected for its objective perspectives on technology trends. Understanding clients’ needs and budgets is critical to the success of a project. GHO spends a considerable amount of time researching across many different industries. GHO publishes articles on technology regularly on LinkedIn to educate and inform the industry about the novel evolutions. Through these truthful efforts, the company envisions educating the users and aims to attract its potential customer by creating such comprehensive strategies.

Forthcoming Opportunities 

The media and entertainment industry is becoming less segregated and evolving to include Digital out of Home. Mobile services and OTT have become integral members of the community. GHO Group is developing some impeccable strategies for its customers by focusing on these advancements. Additionally, the company looks at Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence as the new trends. Currently there is more confusion than clarity about this technology and its futuristic benefits. Client’s need independent and trustworthy advisors and strategists to help navigate through these changes. Hence, the company is spreading better understanding regarding futuristic technologies and aims to implement these opportunities in these fields

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