Felix Houde | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | FXTI

FXTI: Performing Nonstop in Cloud-computing & Cybersecurity

Do you still thrive on exceeding your goals even if IT no longer holds any secrets for you? Is the Cloud a bit like your second home? Do you think there is one more level above the Expert? Founded in 2004, FXTI offers its services in managed IT, IT security, and cloud-computing solutions to your businesses. Every day, the company implements the best practices to adopt in cybersecurity. Because it knows the crucial role of IT for your business and how quickly it evolves, the team of experts is always proactive with the help of its renowned partners and offers you the best solutions in the market. FXTI helps you perform nonstop by taking care of your IT with solutions tailored to the reality of your business.

Strategically Protects Customers

IT has become such an important part of businesses, and so much relies on it. FXTI was created when, Felix Houde, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, wasn’t impressed by most IT suppliers and MSPs and decided to create his own company to do things differently and better than everyone else. He wanted to build a company that focused on helping its clients rather than reselling products.

FXTI was born to ensure that its clients always met their performance needs and that their IT was more a tool to achieve their business objectives rather than an obstacle. He created FXTI, a high-end MSP located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Cybersecurity now being such an issue, for everyone including its customers, the company added early on the cybersecurity services to protect its customers.

Manages – Customer IT

FXTI’s motto is non-stop performance. Everything the company does is driven by this. FXTI manages its customer’s IT just like it was its. The organization is also a very humane company where it places its employees and its customers at the very center. “If you have happy, motivated and talented employees, you can hire and keep the best talent. When you have the best talent in the industry smiling all day, you can be sure your customer will be just as happy”, says the Founder.

Approach on the Network

The pandemic made the cybersecurity situation worst, we see the more diverse type of attack and more volume of the attack. The disruption comes mainly from these new threats that are found each day. Every day, a new company is on the headline of the media because they somehow got hacked or are victims of ransomware.

Quality of FXTI Service

Cisco is the leader in cybersecurity products. FXTI can leverage the entire Cisco stack to secure the perimeter of its customers. The company adapts the scope of work, the product selection, and even the methodology to match its customer’s realities. The difference is in the quality of FXTI’s service and the size of the firm. Most firms that are Cisco Certified for Advanced Security Architecture are much bigger than the company so it can deliver a much more personalized and human service. The organization takes all the time required to explain those complex technologies. At FXTI, it doesn’t have a single salesperson: it does not sell products or services, it addresses issues and problems.

Fast and Brilliant Person

For more than 20 years, Félix Houde has been providing consulting services in the field of IT infrastructure and helping companies turn their most complex problems into successful IT challenges. Over the last 10 years, Félix is specialized in industrial environments.

Félix Houde created FXTI for a specific reason. In a world where technologies are rapidly developing and are essential to businesses, there are so many cybersecurity challenges. Moreover, a company needed a well-adapted and reliable IT infrastructure to perform well. Félix understood that. When a challenge seems too big, that is when he’s at his best. “My goal is to make sure your business can focus on what it does the best … perform nonstop”, says Felix.

Beyond IT

For FXTI’s MSP business it is a Microsoft Shop, it does all the regular on-prem stuff plus all the Azure stuff. The company is also big on Cisco for network and cybersecurity and finally, the company resells DATTO backup and continuity solutions. Also, the main component of being resourceful is having the right people implement the right solutions at the right moment. Any company can resell products. FXTI’s approach goes far beyond that. The company treats its client’s IT solutions as if it is theirs. Its people know how to analyze the needs of the clients, how to advise in what decisions to make, and how to implement solutions that will ensure the client is always performing. FXTI aspires to grow without losing its identity and its values. The company wishes to become the best MSP and security partner in Quebec and then Canada.