FACTON: Efficiency and Profit through Groundbreaking Cost Management Software

Product costing is a vital facet of any business. It lets manufacturers calculate product cost needed to produce and buy inventory so the manufacturer remains profitable over the lifecycle of the product. Effective product costing solutions empower companies to make better decisions, track projects efficiently, and manage dynamic project cost development.

FACTON is gaining prominence across the globe for its cutting-edge product costing solutions. Established in 1998, it aims to revolutionize the world through adept product costing solutions. The company has experienced impressive growth and has a global presence with office locations in Potsdam, Dresden and Stuttgart, Germany and Detroit, Michigan USA.

FACTON’s Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) software is its leading product. It standardizes costing across the enterprise and delivers maximum product cost transparency at every phase of the product lifecycle. Its ability to accelerate costing, achieve pinpoint accuracy, and increase profit has made it very popular among manufacturers.

Fascinating Capabilities 

Do you need to send a transparent business proposal, evaluate product cost in the early stage of project development or know how to cost-optimize purchased modules and components?

Every manufacturing firm needs the answers to these vital questions. FACTON’s EPC software suite assists manufacturers in addressing them quickly, securely, and at the lowest cost. It provides specific solutions that offer robust answers to satisfy the requirements of executive management and individual departments within an enterprise.

FACTON EPC Cost Management helps manufacturing companies of all sizes perform consistent and reliable costing. The software employs standardized methods that enable enterprises to perform all of their basic costing tasks quickly and securely using one central costing tool.

Companies that develop products via complex processes and which require both technical and financial finesse benefit most from this comprehensive EPC solution. Proactive product costing with full transparency over the cost structure of complex products assists manufacturers in making better business decisions.

This is the unique selling proposition of the FACTON EPC Software suite which makes it popular, not only in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors but also in the consumer goods, high-tech, and electronics industries.

Total Client Satisfaction 

FACTON has built a robust relationship with clients based on its superior and effective products. The organization’s focal point has always been to provide a leading-edge costing solution for global enterprises. FACTON works in tandem with its clients to integrate solutions with the costing community by hosting user group conferences led by the company’s user advisory board.

FACTON’s active participation in the global costing market in the role of board members of industry and trade associations makes it an indispensable force in the industry.

The company always strives for client satisfaction. Even in its early years, FACTON did not compromise on quality despite the pressure of increased operating costs. Now, with decades of experience, FACTON has perfected its delivery model and developed a standard approach to project delivery based on industry best practices.

“Industrial enterprises need FACTON EPC to make the right decisions in global competition,” says Dr. Bernd Gottschalk, CEO, AutoValue GmbH, Former President of the German Automotive Association and Daimler Board Member.

Ford Motor Company, Henniges Automotive, DURA Automotive Systems, Airbus, Mahle Behr, MANN+HUMMEL, Porsche and more are just a few of the eminent clients which have shown their tremendous faith in FACTON’s services and are happy to continue their collaboration with the company.

The Trailblazer 

A graduate from Vienna University in Business and Economics, Alexander M. Swoboda, is the CEO and Co-owner of FACTON. Having worked with many international conglomerates, he has gained over 15 years of invaluable corporate experience in the financial and energy sectors. Among his prominent previous employers are Siemens AG and McKinsey & Company.

Alexander is known in the industry for his expertise in finance, venture capital, private equity, and product costing. Alexander joined FACTON in October 2009 as CFO, later took over the role of COO and, in 2015, was appointed its Chief Executive Officer.

FACTON has gained immensely from his expertise and management skills. He is the key player in the development of its Enterprise Product Costing pyramid, which now allows FACTON to provide specific solutions covering the needs of different users with different use cases in design costing, should costing, and quoting.

Future Endeavors 

FACTON aspires to make its Enterprise Product Costing solution a global gold standard in cost management on par with PLM and ERP. In the near future, the company wants to build a global costing community to facilitate the exchange of best practices and develop standards which allow collaboration between humans and machines for the betterment of the business community

Contact us: www.facton.com/en

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