Evoweb- Global Leader of ‘Digital Marketing Solutions’

The world is witnessing a new break in technology with every passing second.  This world, which is now mainly dominated by technology, has changed drastically since last decade making the virtual world smarter than ever. AR and VR is no longer the future. The current world lives by it. These technologies have disrupted every aspect of human life. However, a major turn of things happened when these technologies entered the world of business. Resulting in a huge transformation in every phase of the business, many companies are already ahead in the race.  However, one thing to be noted is the one who adapts to these changes will always lead.

Leveraging the pervasive power of the cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR, Evoweb, a company based out in Malaysia is reforming the world of digital marketing solutions and aiding bigger corporates with their marketing strategies. Seeking global visibility for its innovatory ideas, Evoweb is a group of designers galvanized by technologies like AR, VR, MR (Mixed Reality) and other technologies that are being introduced in market.

The tech-savvy Brand Designer

Entrepreneurs are those set of people who have very less time to waste. While they are busy running a business, leave it on the group of marketers at Evoweb to imprint your business in the market.  The expert team of Evoweb offers ranging services to help its clients with their business. Evoweb, a leading multimedia company acts as an extension to the business and aids its clients in contents development powered by the cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR. The company also offers its brilliant advocacy in creating AR/VR content for corporates events or CSR or more activities. Customerization websites, app developments are also one of the services Evoweb provides.

Primarily focused to globalize clients’ business, Evoweb always keeps itself updated with the trends in market and the new developments in technology in order to help its clients with the best it can provide.

The creative minds at Evoweb are led by a two dynamic leaders, Kenny Lim, Jesslyn Goh, Jesslyn Goh, the Managing and Marketing Director brings with her a vast experience in the field of marketing and leadership. Kenny Lim, who serves as the Technical Director has been playing a major role in the success of the company.

The Immersive Services Offered

Evoweb proudly presents its team of creative designers. With an experience of more than eight years the team solely aims to elevate its clients’ business marketing abilities.  The team of experts works to deliver unique and creative multimedia solutions.

Marketing is the trickiest part in any business. There is no denying to the fact that marketing is the heart of any business. With the advent of digital marketing, marketing has taken a big turn.  The developers at Evoweb being best at this take advantage of technologies such as AR, VR, and other technologies and have mastered in delivering interactive contents for any corporates’.

The ultimate success for any service provider is the satisficed clients. Evoweb, proud of its services has few happy clients in its roster. One of its successful implementation was with, Energizer Malaysia.  Evoweb had taken it on itself to brand its client’s road show. Powered with VR the contents for this event were great success.

Evoweb was also a part of a campaign, spreading awareness on safe driving and avoiding drunk driving. Carlsberg Malaysia, a brewer company based out of Malaysia had organized a campaign titled as Oktoberfest. Envisioned to spread awareness among people about the disadvantages of drunk driving, Evoweb and its team had created the interactive Kinect content which was one of the reasons for the success of this campaign.

The multimedia content is designed in such a manner that it attracts clients’ customers and helps in achieving a bigger goal; the global visibility of the brand name. These multimedia content also has added advantages values which includes greater user experience with more fun, brand awareness of corporates, interactive with corporate to gain more data and etc.  Having over a decade of experience in this realm, Evoweb is one of the trusted partners in marketing. The other extended advantages that the company offers include the customization of websites and mobile apps services.  However, the prime goal of the company is to develop applications that are targeted to generate more revenue and to attract the right customers in right time.

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