Europe’s Leading Agritech Innovators

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Gavin Dunne | CEO | The Olive Feed Corporation

The Olive Feed Corporation: The Face of a Reformative AgriTech Era

Where would the world be if the disciplines of agriculture and technology hadn’t intertwined for the greater goal of humanity’s progress? How else would our […]

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David Saad | CEO | Agro Innovation Lab.
Agro Innovation Lab: Defining a New Age for AgTech with Innovative Approach

Founded in 2016, Agro Innovation Lab is a trend scout, accelerator, networker, mentor, unconventional think tank, knowledge carrier, partner, and facilitator unified in its goal […]

Dr. Srini Sundaram | Founder | Agvesto
Agvesto: An Innovative Insurance Platform Protecting Agricultural Assets

Apart from air and water, vegetation, or simply put, food is what makes life sustainable on planet earth. This makes agriculture a ubiquitous industry. It […]

Ole Kristian Sivertsen | CEO | Desert Control
Desert Control: A Promise to Make the Earth Green Again

Climate change and global warming degrade land, cause deserts to spread and temperatures to rise in a vicious cycle. The degradation of land and soil, […]

Gad Kober | Co-Founder & VPBusiness Development | FFRobotics
FFRobotics: Creating a New Age for Fruit Harvesting

Due to the increasing demand in the market, the adoption of mechanical and robotic systems in AgriTech has evolved. Farmers have realized the added value […]

G. Bailey Stockdale | CEO | Leaf Agriculture
Leaf Agriculture: Revolutionizing the AgriTech Industry

Following is an interview between Insights Success and G. Bailey Stockdale, the CEO of Leaf Agriculture, a company which partners with companies around the world […]