Reaching out to new opportunities and investing in them, is more likely to be considered as an art. With each day passing, advanced technologies are often tightening the hold on business markets. It has sort of become mandatory for the enterprises to adapt with such new advancements in order to attain continuous growing culture. Implementation of upgraded technologies brings out numerous benefits to an enterprise which mainly are interrelated with revenue-generation. As a matter of fact, working along with today’s technology are more beneficial and tranquil as compare to early traditional methodologies.

Where once there was one, or two, fundamental technological change on the horizon, now there are several; making investment more difficult for the enterprises. A commonly used phrase states that winning doesn’t occur on betting what has happened, or what is happening, but on what will happen. Thus, enterprises go through a series of analysis which helps them to predict future benefits as well as the consequences. The market is filled with various technical solution providers which provide enterprises with various technical implications, if needed. But, it’s more important for an enterprise to choose the technology as per their needs. Mostly enterprises adapt advancements depending on their compatibility ratio with respect to their products and services. But, there are various other parameters which act as a deciding element in order to determine the suitable technology for one’s growth. Depending on the retrospective persona, such factors allow an enterprise to analysis the real-time structure with available technology to put forth the investment strategies.

Outlook on essential factors before investing

Reaching Out To the Successful Early Adapters

Idea spread faster than air; but it depends how intensified the idea is. Every technology must be tested before its implementation, either the company can itself be the first one to acclimatize or it can just wait for else to do so. The decision of being the first adapter brings up maximum amount of risk but, if the company succeeds in achieving their desired goals then, that company is considerably known to be ground floor or bench mark for others. Apart from being a first one to adapt, a company can take reviews of other entities who had have used or being using the same technology. A little research can dig out all the information requires to determine whether the technology is capable enough to process the work more efficiently.

Undeniably Efficient Under Fewer Resources

None can predict the future, but can be prepare for it. While implicating a new technology, an enterprise focuses mainly on the big context rather the little stuffs. Success does happen by creating a larger picture, but it do needs those understated amenities to drive it further. Whether the new technology is huge or trifling, it should be compatible with existing system as well as should require few resources to match-up the needs. In most of the cases, the adapted technology completes the task by utilizing more resources than it should have. This issue does get resolved after uncertain time; as disruption occurs into that technology leaving enterprises to re-implement the upgraded version, resulting into more loss rather than the estimated profit. In order to overcome such matters, it’s better to study and then choose the technology which satisfy the current situations and cover up the processes under existing means.

Technologies to invest into:

There is range of varied technologies available in the market, which is single-handedly driving the digital world. Follow up with such technologies to uplift an enterprise to the desired heights.

Blockchains—everything is getting digitalized, and so is money. Blockchain technology was created to easy up the money transaction process in a more secure way. As per its name, blockchain is chain of an encrypted block-like structure which holds the data of users more precisely. This technology is very much hard to crack through external sources as it entails a series of complex programs for encryption. So implementing such technology in an enterprise transaction process will allow the use of digital currency. One of many, Bitcoin is stated to be the best example of digital currency which uses blockchain technology.

Fog Computing—also known as cloud computing, are been diversified to various fields and sectors of the enterprises. Its enormous data computing capacity helps enterprises in saving substantial amount of money which was often spend on big data storages. This open-source operating software provides enterprises with a secure and better way to store company data. This cloud is utilized for commercial as well as personal purposes.

Artificial Intelligence—technology was introduced in late 90’s, due to less knowledge or technological gratification it never did came into lime-light. But, IT intellectuals were sure enough that one day the technology will witness the rise. And now, AI has achieved a place in enterprises as well as in individual’s lives. Establishing of a perfect AI system might take some more time, as it includes advance and complex programming structure. This AI with the help of Machine Learning can autonomously generate solutions to any kind problems which will save a lot of time of an enterprise. In future, there are possibilities of the utilization of fully-operated AI by many enterprises.

These are the focused technologies which are not only helping an individual to visualize the future but also, bringing it into reality. Hopefully, such advance technologies will be seen everywhere soon. Anyhow, like others these advancements may also face technological disruption by upgraded innovations. Hence, it is obligatory for the enterprises to determine suitable technology by considering above factors. These technologies will act as a backbone to enterprises in order to achieve great success.

                                                                                                         –  Bhushan Ghate

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