More than a designation, leadership is a moral responsibility that makes things happen. A noteworthy example of such a leadership is David Giangano, CEO at Nectar, who transformed his dream into reality.

David believes that his life is similar to the movie, ‘Brooklyn’. He was raised along with his sister in a working class family which believed in providing family by working hard and doing so by taking responsibility for your own actions. His family values also taught him to pursue his dreams with passion and achieving them with perseverance.

David always had a keen interest in studying math, science and music. His original plan was to make a career in music and he even won a music scholarship to a prestigious college. Then came a turning point in his life. After he won the scholarship, his father sat him down and said “David, you need a steady career which pays the bills and takes care of your family. Remember no one can ever take away your love for music.”

Thereafter, he decided to pursue a major in electrical engineering and paid his way through college playing music at weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties and clubs. David ultimately set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. Today, he has achieved his entrepreneurial dream but takes the time to sit down and cherish his love for music by playing jazz on the piano.

Nectar- Innovating Software Solutions 

David co-founded Nectar in 2006 to bring “straight talk” to the world of Unified Communications by simplifying the management and monitoring of an otherwise complex process. Nectar is a software company specializing in monitoring and diagnostic software solutions for the Unified Communications market. It serves a wide range of customers including managed service providers, SMB through large enterprise organizations that span all verticals and very large multi-national companies.

Unified Communications is the integration of real-time communication and collaboration services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging. Nectar’s flagship product, the Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) has revolutionized the way in which contact centers, enterprise businesses and service providers manage their UC voice, video and web collaboration applications, systems and networks. Unique in its vendor-agnostic approach, Nectar creates a complete, centralized, multi-vendor UC environment serving Avaya, Skype for Business, and Cisco UC environments.

A Moment of Revelation 

After completing his education in electrical engineering, David started working in the Aerospace industry. However, the job only kept a lid on his ambition of owning a business of his own someday.

He did quite well in the aerospace company by rising through the engineering ranks and at his ten-year point; the company was acquired by a larger aerospace company. During that acquisition, the company needed to shave payroll expenses by a reduction in the force. Due to this, many good people at the top pay, who only had a few years until retirement, were let go.

They were devastated, as they had given their lives to the organization and company moral was wrecked. It was an eye opening instant for David. It was in that moment that David decided to forgo the illusion of a comfortable corporate life and decided to pursue his ambition of being an entrepreneur. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a consulting practice.

An Approach Infused with Self-belief 

David has a positive approach to life. Once, the team at Nectar walked away from a huge deal with one of the top global organizations in the world because it was a bad deal financially for the company. Many people on David’s team, including the board, said that he had made the wrong decision.

However, he was as always infused with a positive belief about the prospects of the company. He believed his company had really good products on its hand and the client would return to the negotiation table soon. It was a big gamble and carried the risk of ending his career. Fortunately, the client came back and on terms that suited everyone in the room. That decision instilled a positive self-belief in the entire organization. Based on such numerous experiences, David has a few words of advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. He says, “Be positive and never give up on hitting the targets. Do not waffle, but check the ego at the door and be nimble. If you made the wrong decision then admit it, deal with it and course correct swiftly and always inspect what you expect.” He adds, “Never give up, never let pride cloud your decisions and surround yourself with the best talent you can afford.” 

Hiring Challenges 

As a leader of a fast-growing company, hiring and attracting the best creative talent available in the market has been a great challenge for David. David also believes, for CEOs, involving that talent to work as a cohesive team all rowing in the same direction is even more challenging. To cope with it, compensation packages must be highly attractive to hire top talent even at a small company. According to David, managing that talent without destroying the egos of strong minded successful executives is a careful balancing art that also requires excellent people skills.

A Horizon of Opportunities 

According to David, the upcoming future will be dynamic for IT companies. He sees an opportunity on the horizon of robust growth and fulfilling opportunities. He said, “As we continue to grow as an organization, I see myself as the captain of a fast-moving ship that’s heading in the right direction. Always staying mind full of the climate and keeping a close eye on any approaching storms that may require course corrections along the way, so we reach our ultimate destination.”

Source :-The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch 2018

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