Configurable Management: Delivering Excellence in SAP and Service Solutions

Configurable Management is a prominent business solution provider for SAP and non-SAP businesses. It specializes in data life cycle management, business process automation, master data governance, and data migration. Configurable Management also advises clients about a wide range of functionalities for better results and improving productivity. Its solutions aim to create synergy between clean data, company process automation and business management. Configurable Management also helps clients transform core business processes with innovative software solutions.

Comprising of Innovative Solutions

Configurable Management delivers unified and innovative business solutions with excellence.  It offers various solutions for major data conversion such as SAP ERP or S/4HANA, and SAP API custom development. The whole process relies on web-forms which are easily integrated with SAP. Configurable management solutions are delivered by industry experts who firmly believe in going the extra mile for its clients.

A Leader with a Vision

Steven Branch is the Founder, President and CEO of Configurable Management. In 1995, with expertise in operations was associated with SAP. This endeavor led him to learn about “business enablement” tools. He spent 10 years of his career in accumulating SAP implementation experience and knowledge over business enablement tools.

Steven finally followed his passion towards innovative transformation. He led with his ability to identify and leverage business tools to make businesses more efficient. Subsequently, he also contributed towards technical and non-technical users alike to improve business processes. Steven was determined and had robust technical SAP knowledge with which he embarked on an entrepreneurial venture; marking the genesis of Configurable Management.

According to Steven, at Configurable management the business acumen relies on understanding the detailed needs of client businesses. And deploying suitable solutions as a result of a dedicated workforce. He has fostered a culture which helps his team grow and has a unique philosophy to share.

“As a CEO it is my job to establish a culture of honesty, grace, accountability, encouragement, and empowerment, which consequently fosters personal growth for all concerned, employees as well as customers,” he remarks.

Overcome the Challenges and Keep Moving Ahead 

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the perspective of the world. Technology has created amazing tools and resources, which is enhancing the key features of the technology. Technology growth increases the modernization of business processes and its management. Confer to company’s insights; technology disruption is an ongoing process which is inevitable. It’s a challenge for staying up to date with changing technology and recognizing what to develop according to benefits of client and business process. The company also remarks, the business for what they striving for, and over the years they have been very adept in achieving that.

Configurable Management Strategies to Tackle Competition

Business strategies are the foundation on which successful businesses are built. Create the roadmap that lays out a business proposal and the route to success. Similarly, Configurable Management is intensively implementing its strategies. It also offers its business process development expertise by providing implementation, training and support capabilities. It covers the entire SAP solutions from back-office ERP to front office business intelligence. The company specializes in the latest SAP products with the ability to create unique solutions that meet business objectives. Configurable Management provides its consultation, training and implementation services to support its robust range of product portfolio. It helps its clients to maximize business benefits through these solutions while contributing to the evolution and enhancement of SAP solutions.

Endeavors towards Achievement for Better Impact

Configurable Management has proprietary solutions and focuses on automating business processes. Today the company offers a vast array of products including Decisions for SAP® Solutions. It is a specialized BPM tool to automate business processes and build applications. It enables techno-savvy business analysts to build form and workflow solutions. Physical Inventory Accelerator™ provided by the company is SAP-certified and designed to improve the physical inventory process for clients.

Configurable Management also offers Data Validation Management™ for comparing two sets of data. The data validation management tool can be used to compare any two data sets in consideration.

Configurable Management is setting a road map which includes providing templatized master data for governance solutions. The solutions comprise SAP’s Material Master, Customer Master, Vendor Master, Purchase Requisition, Capital Expense Request and Budget Management. In future, company will provide these templates at no additional cost for Decisions for SAP® Solutions clients.

Present Industry Scenario

Every business is challenged to do more with less. In order to continue achieving productivity, businesses must have rapid development solutions that are cost effective. The company empowers business users to automate their processes. With this process the company enables its clients to multiply its development teams often without adding head-count.

Additionally, Decisions for SAP® Solutions is robust enough to satisfy IT’s complex application development needs. SAP Decisions for SAP® Solutions also integrates with many other products out of the box such as Salesforce, DocuSign, SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics. It can also integrate with any Web Service API (REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, and HTTP).

Configurable Management is majorly focusing on empowering business users (the non-programming community) while simultaeously satisfying IT’s complex needs. All with common platform towards next generation software. The company has set this as a benchmark for future endeavors.

Journey of the Company

A Journey is all about growing and changing through what may come. Initially Configurable Management began as a SAP implementation consultancy. After some time, the company evolved into a niche application development company and added business process automation along the way. “Staying nimble and embracing changing technologies have enabled us to service our clients’ needs in an ever-changing space,” says Steven.

At present, the company delivers process based solutions, and is always ready to help its customers succeed with these initiatives to fulfill their needs with actual results.

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