CloudGenix: Delivering World-Class Networking Solutions

CloudGenix is a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution provider which transforms the WAN from an expensive and complex hindrance to an enabler of business innovation. The company’s AppFabric platform provides secure, high performing and reliable connectivity between users in remote sites and applications regardless of where they are deployed, be it in the data center, cloud or as software-as-aservice (SaaS). Unlike legacy WAN gear, which uses packets as the fundamental unit of operation, AppFabric understands the behavior, performance, and health of applications, and uses that information as a means of enabling the information and technology to craft policies that are relevant to the business. The organization’s vision is one where the network is automated, continually learning usage patterns, and aligning resources with the expectations of the business.

A Learned Leader 

Kumar Ramachandran is the Founder and CEO of CloudGenix. Kumar helped create the future of the WAN while at Cisco, contributing to creation of several successful product lines including branch routing and application delivery. Additionally, he’s been on the other side of the product, having worked for large financial institutions managing applications and infrastructure, giving him keen insight into what customers need and how products must be built to address those needs. On a personal level, Kumar is known for his amiable demeanor, kind heartedness, and ability to craft an engaging and exciting story.

Surpassing Challenges 

CloudGenix was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced networking professionals that had produced award-winning products deployed by the largest companies worldwide. Since then, the company has received massive interest from customers and has successfully deployed the world’s largest SD-WAN implementations. Its largest struggles have been based largely on our ability to meet the voracious demand of our customers for our technology.

According to Kumar, the challenges in the WAN industry are driven by vendor confusion. He exclaims, “Large vendors have come to market with solutions that, on the surface, seem to be an evolution but in reality, do not advance customer agility or freedom. IT as a category is moving from a cost center where engineers manage components and individual pieces into a model where it is becoming a business enabler driven by company strategy.” To cater to this need, the operation of products and services leveraged by CloudGenix are in alignment with business goals, and its infrastructure is programmable to enable integration and simplification of business process.

The Blueprints of Excellence 

CloudGenix is fundamentally different and is aware of the running applications, using advanced detection techniques including session fingerprinting. It understands how application transactions and sessions are performing and more importantly, it understands how those applications perform across each of the various WAN links. This allows AppFabric to align WAN resources with the desired user experience, rather than a perception and conclusion based on network-only metrics such as bandwidth and packet loss. Further, CloudGenix exposes this application-centric and network-centric information as consumable and actionable insights, giving businesses unparalleled visibility into the health and performance of their applications and WAN links. By delivering through channel partners the company enables new levels of freedom from service providers rather than creating more lock-in. Best amongst all, the platform is completely programmable, enabling levels of integration and automation that were previously not possible.

The Steps Towards Innovation 

CloudGenix has witnessed a fundamental shift in how distributed businesses operate. Over the past twenty years businesses have connected remote offices using expensive, low-bandwidth lines from service providers, and then had to deploy additional stacks of hardware at these remote offices to better manage their WAN and improve application performance.

“The cloud has completely transformed the way businesses deploy and integrate applications, and legacy networking doesn’t allow for a top-down model to dictate business objectives for applications and sites,” states Kumar. This in turn led CloudGenix to take a clean-slate approach to building a WAN, which has allowed the company to help countless Fortune 500 customers with tens, hundreds, and thousands of branch offices, radically shift their WAN from a hindrance and cost center to an enabler of agility and value.

A Progress-Centric Tomorrow 

CloudGenix is witnessing two dramatic changes in how enterprise networking products are built. The IT demands a top-down model to define the behavior of a product or solution as opposed to needing deep technical understanding of its inner workings. This is commonly-called “intent-based networking,” where the intent of the business dictates the behavior of a product or system. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming pervasive within enterprise products. CloudGenix has successfully combined the two evident changes innovatively. Within the company, system behavior is defined by policies that are relevant to business objectives for performance, security, and compliance whereas, machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to understand and predict application behavior under various network conditions, which influence how it responds and enforces policy. The company displays continued investment in both the areas.

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