Cloud Car: Delivering Seamless and Personalized Infotainment Experience

In-vehicle entertainment systems are evolving constantly as automakers serve more tech-savvy buyers. Automakers have responded to consumer’s tech obsession with an increased number of services and a constantly expanding set of features. Everybody seems to want more features and capabilities in their infotainment systems; however, those features do not always live up to expectations. In fact, as they have become more prevalent and complex, they often become a bigger hassle. Eliminating the inconveniences, CloudCar delivers a cloud-based platform for in-vehicle infotainment systems designed by automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

CloudCar’s distinct “voice-first” approach to in-vehicle content not only enables a personalized, driver-centric experience but also provides the utmost flexibility and scalability for car manufacturers. By normalizing cloud-based content into common use-cases that are not specifically tied to applications and intelligently processing driver intent, the platform allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. This approach eliminates the driver’s need to hunt through an abundance of infotainment applications and menu items to find what they desire. It also provides OEM-control for building and retaining brand loyalty and owning the vehicle data for future monetization opportunities.

An Adventurous Journey      

CloudCar’s journey started in 2011 at Silicon Valley. Four years later, the company introduced its first product justDrive, a voice activated connected car application, which was exclusive to Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. justDrive delivered a unique experience for the driver as it combined the three major elements of the mobile phone, the car, and relevant content.

In 2017, CloudCar secured an investment from Jaguar Land Rover and achieved an early win by completing Jaguar’s product development of the Online Media Application, which is out on the road today. This product brings cloud-based media streaming services into the vehicle. The firm also holds more than forty-five patents in which sixteen are awarded.

CloudCar continues to establish key partnerships with leading service providers to strengthen its partnership portfolio and is working with new global automotive customers in the Europe, US and Asia markets. The company has recently expanded its locations globally, building a diverse workforce to address the global automotive economy. CloudCar currently has presence in China, the UK and Germany. The growth of the company also led its headquarters to move to a larger office space, now headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Like every business, CloudCar has faced challenges, but has learned through experiences. For one, the automotive industry has shifted vastly over the past few years and continues to change. This change has shaped the company’s product portfolio into what it is today. CloudCar has also defined product requirements around platform flexibility, the desire for personalized content and the need for data privacy mechanisms. With automotive DNA at its core, CloudCar’s successful products are in the market and its experienced teams continue to work collaboratively with their trusted partners to develop new offerings and solutions.

The Au Courant CEO 

CloudCar was co-founded in 2011 by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who both had an appetite for technology innovation and taking risks. Philipp Popov was announced as CloudCar’s new CEO in 2016, succeeding one of the founders who is a continuing member of the board.

With Philipp’s seasoned automotive and entrepreneurial experience, it became a completely different ball game for CloudCar. He has successfully delivered infotainment systems to automotive customers like Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Tesla. His proven abilities, perseverance and knowledgeable audio and infotainment background is what the company needed.

Philipp reshaped CloudCar by building a strong diverse team and adding the product discipline and robustness required by automakers. With excitement, ambition and the focus of its leadership team, the firm is earning the trust and loyalty of existing and future customers. Observing the industry talent, Philipp asserts, “It’s a fascinating time to be in the automotive industry. CloudCar is growing and continually looking for top talent to be part of our dedicated team. We exhibit a commitment to good business practices and driving the company in the right direction.” 

Customer Oriented Approach 

CloudCar’s platform lets automotive OEM choose from a wide breadth of cloud-based services. The wide range of integrated service providers and depth of understanding for driver intent provides OEMs the utmost flexibility when designing their in-vehicle infotainment solutions. The company works with the global leading service providers to normalize data into common driver use-cases that fall into categories like Media, Places, People, Knowledge, IoT/Smart Home and Productivity. This solution brings all the relevant cloud-based content into the vehicle and makes it available through an on-board Software Development Kit (SDK). No clunky connection to the driver’s mobile phone is needed to obtain the desired content and deliver the desired services.

Aiding and Revolutionizing the Industry 

CloudCar is developing the future of connected car technology for car manufacturers by solving the needs of the driver with voice-first infotainment. Its cloud-based cutting-edge technology, including machine learning capabilities provide the connected-onboard infotainment features that automakers are looking for to fulfill their business needs. The company is working with the premium manufacturers on exciting opportunities and challenges in the machine learning and infotainment fields. CloudCar’s innovative solutions are at the intersection of Silicon Valley technology and the changing automotive experiences. It has experts in cloud technology, data sciences, user experience, user interface, product marketing, and more.

A Step Ahead of the Competition 

CloudCar’s cloud-based platform integrates machine-learning capabilities with voice-first infotainment to deliver a seamless and personalized experience. The service provides car manufacturers with an SDK that is embedded in the vehicle’s head unit and can be leveraged to build the desired experience. Consequently, the automotive OEM has access to all of the cloud-based services and providers integrated into its platform.

The firm’s solution is different from many other solutions in the market as it is not app-based thus, there is much more flexibility in designing the user-experience. This allows car manufacturers to meet the needs and preferences of their customers in the vehicle. CloudCar integrates the relevant content from a wide range of cloud-based content providers and offers the information through an SDK into the vehicle. This is ideal for easily mapping content to a voice-first experience. In addition to content accessibility, the CloudCar platform supports a wide-range of use-cases and when coupled with the contextual vehicle data from the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), the firm can build a rich driver profile based on infotainment usage, preferences, and offer unique AI services, which truly personalize the driving experience.

One of the pain points that CloudCar addresses for automakers is the need to maintain control of their brand identity and retain ownership of the data while delivering their desired experience. The company works with automotive OEMs to gather the data needed to offer valuable services and recommendations relevant to the customers need. With the CloudCar platform, data ownership is maintained by the OEM.

Infotainment for the Future 

As it pertains to improving the driving experience, CloudCar has some pretty loft goals. CloudCar’s engineers continue to advance the machine learning and AI technologies with the utmost goal of delivering a truly personalized driving experience. Looking at today’s in-vehicle experience, the company can easily see the opportunities. CloudCar’s integrated platform delivers services to drivers without having to connect their phone, and can move between vehicles and still be able to bring their preferences with them. This makes the drivers feel that their data is protected and secure.

Beyond that, CloudCar will continue to evolve with the rapidly changing automotive industry. Technology trends towards the autonomous driving and the shift towards shared mobility is redefining the role of infotainment services in the vehicle. It will continue to lead this effort.

Emblem of Excellence

“Our strategic partnership with CloudCar has helped us deliver a cost-effective, comprehensive cloud platform solution for our customers. We value their in-house expertise and our relationship with CloudCar and look forward to exploring solutions to create even more personalised in-vehicle experiences.”

Mathieu Plauchut, Connected Services Portfolio & Strategic Partnerships Manager at Jaguar Land Rover.

Source: The 10 Most Innovative Automotive Tech Solution Providers 2018

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