Cloud Based Networking Features Threat Hunting

Information Technology is expanding like universe and so are the services contemporary to the former. The recent trends show that established companies are now well versed with the products such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Networking as a Service (NaaS). One of the many characteristics of this product is Cloud Networking.

Cato Network, an enterprise networking and security company has updated its services by adding Threat Hunting. The basic requirement of threat hunting is to seek out the signs of security being at risk and resolve the problem before time. It is a process of proactive attempts to detect advanced threats that evade the traditional security solutions. This is a variation against the classic threat management measures. The uniqueness of Cato networks threat hunting is that it is totally contained within the global network that Cato operates. There is no additional installation, no additional data collection and no agents on the endpoints.

The Methodology of the threat hunting initiates by creating hypotheses about potential threats. It is believed that hunting is a repetitive process and must be carried out in a loop in continuum, starting with a hypothesis. The hypothesis is further elaborated in three divisions including analytics driven, situational awareness driven and intelligence driven.

Security is the key benefit of adding threat hunting in a network, but it also opens gates to several other benefits like real fast accuracy in response, exposure to attack surfaces, dwell time reduced, time to detect and prevent, fair idea about the number of breaches against the number of detections and exposure to external threats, reducing frequency of threats.