CLEVERUS CONSULTING: A Fast Track to Success

Digital transformations are driving every sector with an unmatched speed. Social media has been one of the greatest evolutions of the century. It has revolutionized our way of communication, advertising and the entire market landscape.

Owing to this booming rise, regional businesses are now able to launch and advertise their products on a global scale with notable efficiency at minimal cost. Various companies around the globe are transforming the way they connect with their customers. They are choosing contemporary methods of communication like web chat, website or web page based feedbacks. These free of cost methods have also enabled the customers to convey their query and get the feedback in real-time.

However, there is an endless flow of data on the internet. Thousands of global companies with similar products are directly competing with each other; all in the hope of making a mark.

Needless to mention, if a company wishes its website to be at the top of every relevant search list, then it must employ an adept SEO team. Either in-house or specially hired, it is prerequisite for organizations to have a precise SEO solution to stay ahead of the competition.

Malaysian-based company, Cleverus Consulting, boasting a wide-range of SEO experts, is the perfect solution for global businesses. Founded in 2013, Cleverus has gone on to become one of the best companies in Malaysia, all the while bestowing its clients in having their online presence proliferated. Being one of the most established Google partner, it has developed a proven framework to help its clients rise quickly to the top of major search engines around the world.

Journey from a Regional SEO Framework Provider to a Leading Online Marketing Agency 

Cleverus initially started offering some prominent SEO services that empowered its customers to outrank their competitors and dominate the search engine with better results. With the increasing client demands and fast paced progression, the company began offering new services such as web design, online reputation management, influencer marketing, and app development. Cleverus then utilized its specialized SEO framework to incept and enhance the online reputation management service, which further helped major companies remove negative press online and successfully restored the brand name of those companies. Cleverus firmly believes in offering complete customer satisfaction and charges its clients based on results and delivers optimal level of performance. This proven credibility has given both the company and its clients a win-win situation.

Cleverus is currently ranked as the number one SEO Specialist in Malaysia on Google for providing some of the most competitive keywords in the industry. Today, as a market leader, the company is getting Request for Proposals (RFP) from major global companies and is delivering some impeccable services to them. However, its journey has not been a cake-walk.

During the early phase of Cleverus, it faced plenty of rejections. But over the years it has managed to overcome the challenges by continuously delivering high-quality work to its trusted clients. The productive, efficient and cost effective services provided by Cleverus were admired by many of its clients. As a result, the company gained plenty of referrals from its existing clients which helped ameliorate its growth rate.

While explaining about the reasons behind Cleverus’s fast-paced success its CEO, Lawmence Wong, recalls, “We were confident in our ability and have persisted to source leads daily and approach clients to showcase our service.” With the company continuing to develop its solid reputation in the online marketing industry, it now envisions on being the largest online marketing agency in Asia within the next six years.

Passionately Leading the Group of Young and Experienced Professionals 

Cleverus Consulting has a strong team of 21 people at present, with offices scattered across Malaysia, Philippines, and the United States. Lawmence Wong’s astute leadership has been a vital part behind this surging growth.

Wong believes that having the right talent is the key behind growing a company. Thus in Cleverus, every single hiring is personally approved by both Lawmence and the Head of HR to maintain the quality of its services. Lawmence has astutely led the group of young and experienced professionals in the company to greater heights. Their expertise has allowed the company to gain more and more pleasing and loyal clients. Throughout his leadership, Lawmence has emphasized on futuristic integrations and bold expansion plans and is now planning to expand to several cities in Asia within the next few years.

Leveraging the Trends of the Digital Space 

Nowadays, every other company is employing digital ways of marketing, and digital transformation is gaining a worldwide attention for all the right reason. Marketing and Advertising via digital platforms have allowed organizations to connect with a wider pool of global audience, in real-time.

Cleverus is leveraging this trend, and instead of the usual traditional advertising on newspaper and magazines, it has shifted its focus towards online advertising and marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

This year alone, Cleverus has hired 3 new staff to accommodate the demands for online advertising and foresee hiring even more employees in Q2 as the demand gets higher. It is also hiring overseas employees to facilitate the groundwork to penetrate these new markets. Cleverus envisions one being the largest online marketing agency in Asia in the near future. The company has been meticulously raising funds to push its vision further into reality and expects its name to be the primal choice amongst clients.

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