BPM-D® to hold Executive Education on November 17th from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM EST, at Widener University in Philadelphia (Chester), PA.

This unique course is an excellent opportunity to enter the exciting world of systematic strategy execution presented by innovation leader Dr. Mathias Kirchmer. Dr. Kirchmer delivers an important overview of the discipline of Business Process Management, which delves into the important discussion of systematic “strategy execution.” Offered only few times a year, the session addresses topics like establishing a strategy execution discipline and appropriate governance, focused and fast process improvement, process standardization, value-driven digitalization, process-led ERP, as well as targeted innovation and agility for the customer journey to achieve the next level of customer experience. All topics are linked to key enablers like process repositories and digital execution approaches. Dr. Kirchmer also offers two of his latest books as gifts to the participants in order to accelerate their journey into the discipline of business process management.

About BPM-D

BPM-D® (http://www.bpm-d.com) partners with its clients to achieve productivity and performance through cross-functional business and information technology initiatives. It is the expert company to set up and apply a business process management discipline that provides significant value through systematic strategy execution in a digital world. The business was established based on the years of experience of its co-founders in delivering components of this vision: process management strategy; process and data governance; rapid process improvement; standardization, client-journey mapping, value-driven modeling & repositories; and change enablement to organizations, both large and small.

All BPM-D offerings are based on the patent pending BPM-D Framework that enables fast results at a low risk. The offerings support a focused and dynamic approach to process management and improvement. This is pragmatic and outcome-based, linking to business strategy and working to translate this into execution, faster and more reliably.

BPM-D also supports organizations to select and manage other consulting partners, especially for larger process-led transformations. We help define and balance the roles of the internal BPM-Discipline and the externally acquired services to ensure that programs deliver immediate improvement and a sustainable ability to realize value form change.

For small and medium sized software and consulting companies we leverage our years of industry experience to assist in defining and executing growth and internationalization plans. We provide support in all areas of the BPM-Discipline critical to the success of our clients.

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