Jason Kingdon | CEO | blue prism

Blue Prism: A Global Leader in Intelligent Automation

Founded in 2001, Blue Prism is the renowned company in the field of intelligent automation. The company has been at the forefront of robotic process automation for two decades, having originally coined the term, and has continued to innovate and deliver high value solutions for enterprises across the globe. “Our function is to help organizations realize their full digital transformation potential in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive world, by strategically implementing our new generation of AI-powered intelligent automation,” says the company.

According to the company, it makes easy for people to automate processes and puts the leading technology in the hands of business users, as an enterprise-grade automation solution which is smart, secure, scalable, and successful.

The vision is that every enterprise of the future will have a digital workforce. The workforce of the future itself will be a seamless blend of human employees, digital workforces, and existing systems – capable of a level of productivity and efficiency not seen before.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Insights Success and Jason Kingdon, Chairman & CEO of Blue Prism:

Please list the popular solutions/services that make your company standout from the competition. (those which you want to highlight in the article)

Our core difference is that instead of scripts or macros used across desktops for basic task automations, Blue Prism is sophisticated and enterprise-grade, capable of delivering strategic work transformation at enterprise scale.

A key benefit of Blue Prism is its unique Technology Alliance Program (TAP) and Digital Exchange (DX) ecosystem, which gives customers unprecedented access to download best-of-breed innovative technology assets from our partners, that can easily connect to digital workers, systems, and processes to enhance automation capabilities and help accelerate and scale automation projects.​ Unlike our competitors, our digital workers have the ability to take on these extra skills at no extra cost, giving the Blue Prism digital worker value way beyond our competitors.

Our Blue Prism cloud offering also stands out from the crowd. As the only holistic SAAS option in the market, and one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this gives our customers unrivalled access to the intelligence needed to boost their automations. It’s been so successful, that we’ve experienced 147% growth last year, accounting for 20% of the market.

Take our readers through your journeys being at the helm of the company.

My journey originally started in 2007, when, during my time as Chairman I drove our growth and vision strategy, helping take the company public in 2016. This IPO provided the engine for growth and product development – while providing the means for us to make critical investments, such as the acquisition of Thoughtonomy in 2019.

As Chairman and CEO, I’m developing our product roadmap that will bring Blue Prism firmly into the era of AI – while working hard to champion the idea of a digital workforce for every enterprise, and the harmonious blend of one-third human employees, one-third digital workers, and one-third existing systems.

As the founder/CEO/Director, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the Industry?

At first, with so much uncertainty around the time of the outbreak, we found that our customers, understandably, were cautious around investing in new technologies. However, businesses were quick to realize the potential for intelligent automation and since then, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for automation initiatives as enterprises reboot their plans and prepare for a post-COVID world. So much so, that we reported a strong growth at 40% YoY.

In the new business landscape established by COVID-19, our digital workers are more important than ever in achieving organizational agility and resilience. We are working to meet this demand by helping organizations to maintain business continuity to alleviate operational challenges through intelligent automation.

What is your opinion on the necessity for businesses to align their offerings with newer technological developments?

The key for us, and any business looking to implement intelligent automation, is that it has to be strategic. We need to help companies think bigger and apply a holistic view when implementing newer technologies.

For example, we’re making huge strides in AI research and finding we can make automations quicker to program.  We can increase the business real estate over which automations can be done and more intelligently intertwine digital workers and their human counterparts. It’s our job to make businesses aware of how much this technology is enabling us to do, how quickly it’s moving, and how vital it is.

What is your idea of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility for us is more than a business obligation. It resonates with all of us, and we are unified by our Blue Prism For Good vision to unleash society’s full potential and inspire the future of work through automation. We do this through the support of employee-led initiatives in charity and fundraising, inclusivity, education, and support of non-profit groups.

How do you envision on sustaining your company’s competency in a cutthroat and volatile world of business? Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Our greatest objective is establishing ourselves as a long-standing partner with each of our customers. We’ll be building our customer relationships, deepening them at all levels of the business, educating them about our products, and helping them see Blue Prism as an integral partner in their automation ambitions.

If we continue to impress with the quality ideas that we’re creating, and the research we’re putting into cutting-edge technology, we expect to continue being right at the epicenter of this incredibly exciting market.