Banyan Technology: Pioneering LIVE Data Connectivity

Application Program Interface or APIs have sparked the logistics industry with its unparalleled significance. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Banyan Technology is North America’s leading provider of live carrier and API connectivity for transportation management. Introducing itself as a pioneer in the realm, the company introduced API carrier connectivity to the transport industry more than a decade ago. With more than 1,400 carrier connections and 33,000 client locations accessing the application, Banyan Technology provides commercial shippers, brokers, and 3PLs with unparalleled access to carrier data. These connections boost efficiency, improve visibility, and deliver permanent reductions in shipping costs.

Exclusive Services and Strategies

Banyan Technology, the leading provider of live carrier and API connectivity for transportation management, recently announced its latest expansion to include live connectivity to more than 1,000 local carriers throughout the U.S. and Canada. This latest enhancement comes as a result of significant industry demand to gain live connectivity and visibility into local carriers through a single set of APIs.

As the first platform to bring live carrier connectivity to the transportation management industry, expanding  connectivity to capture local carrier data allows Banyan Technology to offer insights into the full shipping process – from the first mile to the final mile. This new connectivity imparts the same level of automation to first and last mile that Banyan has delivered for more than a decade to the LTL, TL and parcel market.

This comprehensive, live connectivity to local carrier shipments allows shippers to rate, book, and track both pickup and delivery of their first and last mile services. Through this connectivity, users will gain insight into pickup and delivery information in previously niche markets, including residential, rural, and metropolitan areas as well as warehouses, facilities, and distribution centers. Local carrier connections span across multiple carrier platforms and provide users with increased visibility in order to ensure the highest standard of performance.

We’re excited to integrate live connectivity to local carriers, as this gives our users a greater level of visibility into the entire shipping process that they have never experienced before,” asserts Brian. He resumes, “With greater access to real-time data from local carriers, we’re confident that organizations will experience a boost in both productivity and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the shipping process.”

By utilizing Banyan Technology, organizations will experience a faster, more convenient shipping experience by eliminating the task of manual data entry. With connections to more than 1,400 LTL, TL and parcel carriers, and now more than 1,000 local carriers, shippers can utilize live connectivity through Banyan’s API to make better informed decisions based on real-time data at all levels of the shipping process.

Benefits for Clients

The customers of Banyan Technology benefit from live pricing, constant visibility of freight movement, and automated freight bill auditing. They pay less to move freight. They make better, more informed decisions. Apart from that, Banyan enables its users do more — faster than they ever imagined.

The industry recognizes the value of the technology, with over 33,000 client sites accessing the Banyan application, and very recent entrants vying for the API space.

Opportunities and Challenges

Data source connectivity demands on BI and AI play into users feeding information into their systems. This is indeed necessary to increase the productivity as an added resource of information they may not already have. Thus, the company is growing as a result of the Industry embracing the new technology.

Banyan’s main challenge is in assisting the clients to see that they have an existing or pending problem and then helping them resolve it. Creative approaches were taken by the company to explain and resolve problems that the client might encounter in a few years down the road.

Future Roadmap

Banyan’s combination of industry-leading innovation and the resulting impact to the freight industry creates a sustainable and exponentially growing business, primarily due to the overwhelming business opportunity to establish live connectivity across all shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and carriers.

Banyan will continue to enhance the platform based upon the market demands by offering game changers like Local Carrier, UPS Capital Insurance, expanded parcel by offering USPS discounted rates to Banyan users and international and hazmat rates. The company is also looking forward to enhance its success with Next Gen, Blockchain, and SOX2 compliance.

The Leader with a Revolutionary Zeal

Brian Smith, CEO of Banyan Technology, is leading the Senior Management Team to drive an industry revolution replacing the age-old technology with live connectivity. In his short time at the helm, Banyan has accelerated hiring across all departments, completed a full company rebrand, and secured $7 million in a recent equity funding and financing round. Prior to joining Banyan Technology, Smith led an international based distributor of Print and Promotional items from $40 mm to $400 million.

This proven track record of translating vision into result-oriented execution is the definite reason why the Banyan Board of Directors brought Smith in, in early 2016, as CEO.

I joined Banyan because I wanted to be part of an amazing technology company with a proven track record and high potential for fast growth,” Smith says, “ Banyan has been far ahead of the curve in terms of leveraging technology for the real-time exchange of data.

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