Approyo: Customer-Centric SAP Cloud Solutions

As technology advances, the SAP ecosystem is rapidly following suit. The industry is witnessing a growing momentum towards cloud adoption, the consumerization of IT, an ever-increasing demand for agility, and the mobile revolution. The convergence of these crucial factors on a pivotal crossroad has led to the emergence of efficient, smart, and cost-effective SAP cloud solutions.

Solutions providers customize SAP solutions to each business, making sure that the system reacts according to the constraints of the requested use case. They are focused on adopting next-gen intelligent ERP and in-memory data platforms like SAP HANA and S/4HANA. The next major leap is SAP Leonardo, which is the industry’s digital innovation system solution.

One company with years of experience in providing the right SAP solutions to a diverse field of customers is Approyo.

Approyo is helping small-scale as well as large-scale companies implement innovative SAP solutions. This allows the emerging enterprises with benefits right away in their initial developing phase associated with the SAP hosted solutions.

The company extends its SAP service capabilities with consulting, solutions architecture, hosting, and managed services to develop the right solutions for its customers.

Growing Leadership

Christopher Carter is the CEO at Approyo and has more than two decades of experience in the big data and SAP industry.

He works with businesses around the globe and strives hard to assist them in their journey to adopt big data through Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonworks) and SAP HANA. Under his leadership, the Approyo team monitors and supports ober 300 SAP landscapes.

Christopher has been recognized by the American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World, Cloud Expo, and other prominent industry leaders for his contributions to the arena.

From Inspiration to Foundation

The inception of SAP HANA sparked within Christopher the idea of establishing Approyo. HANA—a big data platform inspired the company to manipulate and design available data specific to their business needs and help them gain better insights into their company’s functioning.

The company developed custom-made solutions, with Ignite being one of its flagship products. This product captures SAP HANA’s various components in one neat and easy package, giving freedom to every client to use it according to their specific purposes.

This helped Approyo to form a network of easy, flexible, and cost-effective on-boarding SAP solutions for new and existing customers. 

Real-time SAP Services

Approyo works with a vision to create innovative SAP solutions which are the first of their kind in the cloud. It focuses on providing real-time SAP solutions, regardless of industry or location. These services are based on SAP Sandbox, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo, SAP Hybris, SAP Consultation and others.

As it oversees over 300 SAP cloud environments around the globe, the company’s ideology is to support each business from production landscapes to live SAP environments.

Christopher states, “Our mission is to enable customers and partners to unlock the full potential of SAP cloud technologies to achieve their business goals”.

Distinguishing Itself

Approyo is proving itself a formidable competitor by demonstrating how it has helped clients grow through its SAP cloud solutions.

The company is widely regarded as the most customer-centric SAP HANA provider in the marketplace. It is known for being one of the only SAP partners that can migrate companies to the cloud, support those close infrastructures and provide ongoing managed services for the cloud.

Approyo believes that clear, uninterrupted communication with its clients, supplemented by strong support, are the keys to its success.

A Bright Future

Approyo is paving the most creative way possible to fuel its growth and stay in-front of changing technology by providing the most effective SAP technology solutions. It is planning to quench every single customer need by offering solutions in the quickest and most effective way.

Recently, the company launched an SAP S/4HANA sandbox, a platform that helps organizations maximize the benefits of the. This is revolutionizing the SAP world because it offers a production-grade sandbox with a secured network at a cost lower than any other competitor – only US$3,000 per month.

This will be a game changer for SAP customers and will encourage them to try SAP S/4HANA 1709 and test for migration to S/4HANA.

Source :-The 30 Most Valuable Tech Titans 2018