Appical: Transforming the way Businesses Communicate with its Employees

Gerrit Brouwer | Founder & CEO | Appical - Insights Success

With the mission to help employers in retaining best talents and assisting employees to be successful in their jobs and further creating value ambassadors, Appical is crafting a cutting-edge HR solution for the industry.

On-boarding is an important stage in recruitment process that paves way for a successful collaboration among employee and organization. Dull classroom or a traditional e-learning cannot offer a great candidate experience. Therefore, Appical brings advanced approach that change the way companies communicate with their new hires. Appical has seen that on average a new hire spends 9.5 hours in the solution before the first working day and it has lowered administrative HR burden by 40%.

Noteworthy Milestones

Appical was founded in 2012 and within a year of its inception, it showed a great sign of success and won their first deal in the US. A year later, it made strong inroads into the healthcare and semiconductor industry. Launch of their Appical-Now platform which is available on any mobile device was a big boost for company’s growth which this organization has celebrated in 2015.

The company saw an impressive growth of 350% in revenue and on-boarding last year and following that Onboard Amsterdam event formula was born. In this year, they have achieved another milestone by launching covering even more moments of impact for the employee, including off-boarding.

Trademark Product and its Uniqueness

Appical is their trademark product which is an employee driven on-boarding platform. This platform provides 360 degree video, attractive content and games, and highly interactive exercises to the new hires and assists them to successfully start their careers. Appical has transformed the way in which businesses communicate with new employees. In a scarce candidate market, it is important to be distinctive, to retain the best talent. Therefore, Appical offer their customers real-time insights into employee’s data and feedback, and make on-boarding a fun activity rather than a tedious one. It transforms HR processes in following ways.

  • Telling client’s brand story from day one
  • Sharing client’s mission and vision
  • Guide a new hire to productivity with coaching by manager and colleagues
  • Minimizing administrative work
  • Retain knowledge and culture
  • Giving a positive employee journey, also when it comes to off-boarding

Recognitions so far

Appical’s advanced HR technology products and a service have won many hearts and have received many awards as well. Some includes:

  • Brandon Hall: 2018: Best Organization in Onboarding Technology
  • DutchCham Singapore: 2017: Winner of Winsemius Awards for professional services
  • Winner of iHR Tech award Europe

Captain of Appical   

Appical considers that each of its employees is a hero that has contributed equally in shaping the destiny of organization. But a ship also cannot reach to its destination unless it has a visionary captain on it. And the captain of ‘Appical’ is Gerrit Brouwer. He is one of the Founders and CEO of Appical who has built this company from scratch.

Incident that led to the birth of Appical: On his very first day of work at a global corporation in the early 2000s, Gerrit Brouwer, when came to know that his entire team is away for a Christmas party and his job description also have changed. He got frustrated, and to change this bad on-boarding experiences, in 2011, Gerrit co-founded Appical, a Dutch tech startup that’s now among a growing number of firms that offer apps to help employers welcome, support, train and hold onto their new hires.

A thoughtful leader: Gerrit is a hard-core entrepreneur, game-changer and an enormous tech- & gadget freak person. He has a clear passion for people and technology and has audacity to transform a creative idea into an attractive employer brand. Within the industry Gerrit is seen as an international thought leader who has shared his views and opinion in various high-level conferences, and among journalists and off course customers.

Unique Approach that is benefitting Appical

Appical has a unique approach that helps their employers in creating a successful brand. This approach is driven by their unique on-boarding game that helps their customers to involve all stakeholders such as the line manager, recruiter, HR and executives to think about the story, content and the result they want to achieve from their new hires.

Ongoing Trends in HR sector from Appical’s Point of View

Employees nowadays want a clearer career visibility before starting their profession. This includes getting details about job descriptions, career path and more. By providing these details to a candidate can build up a sense of pride and openness towards an organization and can assist it in retaining employees as long as possible especially in IT and other engineering roles.

Speedy on-boarding for the contingent workforce is the other trend that is gaining popularity in the HR space. Currently, over 55% of the flex workers are not taken into account in an onboarding strategy. This will increase significantly over the time as employment contracts will become more flexible.

Road Ahead

In current year, Appical has an ambitious plan to launch which will have the capacity to become the leading HR retention platform. From fully automated pre-hire to off-boarding while reducing manual HR work to minimum, Appical is positive about its future endeavor to help organization to invest in the experience of a new hire the same way they do for their customers. For them, it’s all about turning talent into heroes.