The IT Industry is facing a lot of inefficiencies such as missing deadlines of projects, lagging quality of application development projects, outages, cost variance, etc. Enterprises are looking for methodology that demands faster time-to- market and robust software quality. This has emerged the need for DevOps, an approach that ensures quality and deliverables. It has resulted in increasing deployment activities, by reducing the barrier between development and operations. During this period, a software development company named Apiumhub entered into market to redefine innovation in technology.

Apiumhub has grown as a tech hub that brings together a community of developers, software architects, DevOps experts and digital partners. It provides enterprises with the best team to help them transform their idea into a powerful and scalable digital product.

Unique Assistances 

IT Market is an on-going process and Apiumhub always adapts to the technological market changes and client’s needs. At present its main services include software architecture, web development, mobile development and DevOps. Lately it has started receiving a lot of projects related to AI and chat bots. Powerful software architecture, focusing on scalability, cost reduction and high performances are the aspects that make it unique in the market. The company is expert in Domain Drive design (DDD), Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Docker and agile project management, as this is basically what it is known for.

A Combination of a Tech-gurus and Business Developers 

Evgeny Predein, CEO and Co-founder, and Christian Ciceri, Software Architect and Co-founder, are the pillars of Apiumhub. Altogether their achievement comprises of acquiring a team of leading developers and architects in Barcelona, efficient processes and project management, clients from all over the world, clear strategic vision for growth, network of experts in their field, segregated areas of responsibilities, and a profitable business.

Evgeny and Christian are responsible for different areas of the company. The company considers them as makers & sellers, and dreamers & pragmatists, as they have a complementary set of skills that enhance their sustainable growth. Christian is a tech guru and well-known software architect, whereas Evgeny is a business development leader and an entrepreneur who led his vision to the market. They both have enormously contributed for the sustainable growth of the company. Sharing the same vision and common objectives, they lead the team to a common goal and transmit the same culture they want to create in the company.

Unique Approach to Deliver Better Solutions 

The key attributes that differentiate Apiumhub in the market are –

  • Focused attention to Software architecture so the platform is prepared for scaling
  • Innovation in process automation, so there is reduced waste of time on manual tasks
  • Efficiently functioning software loaded with a number of features

Apiumhub has a proven process that works. It starts building software with a focus on the architecture, applying best practices, and TDD & CI. This enables it to be truly agile, deliver fast and iterate even faster. It is able to adapt to all sorts of changes and requirements from the client’s side. Starting from the beginning of the development process, it always gives client the opportunity to test the platform.

Keeping the client in the center of the process, Apiumhub works with full transparency. Instead of focusing on delivering the highest amount of features, it rather guarantees to deliver working software with the most important features at the end of each sprint.

Unfortunately, there are not many companies that are specialized in software architecture and DevOps. Apiumhub has talents that are experts in their field and work for booming startups & leading international companies. Thus, the clients receive functioning software using latest technologies and methodologies.

Turning Obstacles into Accomplishments 

It all started with a small group of experts in software and user experience, joining forces and sharing the same vision, putting agile methodologies in the center of all processes. Over the years, the more experience Apiumhub has acquired working on design & development projects, the more it made sense to separate them.

A common error committed by many business owners is to try to do everything themselves. They often end up doing too much but not being experts in anything. Due to this, Apiumhub decided to focus on its core services and launch a spinoff studio specialized in digital product-’North’.

After doing some research, talking to clients and friends in the industry, the company realized that in order to offer the best solutions, it needs to create the network of experts in the digital industry with each one specialized in their own field.

Now considered a tech-focus, Apiumhub is more than just a software development company that unifies innovation, design & technology. It covers the whole cycle of digital product development by collaborating with different partner.

Striving to Make a Difference 

With an aim of becoming prominent in Spain, Apiumhub wants to be known for building proficient software. The company is planning to grow in terms of number of people and their professional level. It is planning to open Apiumhub University to solve the talent scalability problem in software development market. Additionally, it intends to develop its own software product that will make a difference in this world.

Source :-Insights Success Recognition of Excellence in DevOps 2018

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