Annexus Technologies: Accelerating Service Delivery with Comprehensive Cloud Management

IT is under constant pressure to respond to business and developer initiatives with speed, flexibility, mobility and versatility, all while lowering capital and operational expenditure. Meanwhile, businesses face major challenges of accessing IT resources and applications while managing complex work environments.

Enter VMware solutions of Annexus Technologies Limited. Annexus’s range of products protect and enhance IT infrastructure capabilities as a business evolves to support its business initiatives.

Emerging businesses today have to manage a progressively complex environment while maintaining uninterrupted access to IT resources and applications. Annexus Technologies enables businesses to optimize their limited resources to focus on their business, protect and expand IT infrastructure, lower management costs and provide flexible support to their mobile workforce.

The Inception Story

Headquartered in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, Annexus Technologies is an IT company was founded in on the principles of customer satisfaction.

In an increasingly complex IT world where customers often know what they want but not how to achieve it, Annexus proactively addresses the needs of its customers. The company prides itself on accurate assessments of their pain points, and on its team of highly-skilled professionals, who provide IT solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

With their strategic partners as well as highly skilled technical and support staff, Annexus Technologies can design, implement and manage projects, and provide ongoing support to the various services, products, and solutions that they offer.

Through proven expertise in diverse technologies that govern the industry like virtualization, security and surveillance, structured cabling, Server & SAN, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, Annexus is proving to be an industry force to be reckoned with.

A Confident and Decisive Leader

A 2006 Summa Cum Laude B. Tech graduate, Andrew N. Griffiths, CEO of Annexus Technologies, is an IT Consultant with over 12 years of experience in the industry. He is well versed in Sales, Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Support, and Project Management, and has received a long list of accolades from the industry that span different aspects of business – over eight years’ experience in Business Development; more than eight years’ experience in Project Management; and over ten years’ experience in Telecommunications.

Andrew has designed, implemented, managed projects and supported numerous multi-million-dollar IT Solutions for both the private and public sector. He has received numerous industry certifications from various vendors; most notably, he was the first Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (CNSE) in the LATAM and Caribbean Region.

It was this vast knowledge and experience that led to the creation of Annexus Technologies.

Adding Value to the VMware Arena

Annexus Technologies has strategic partnerships with APC, Cisco, CommScope, Dell, ISS, OnCam, Palo Alto Networks, Samsung Techwin, Symantec, TeamViewer, Ubiquiti Networks, Veeam, VMware, Zerto, and ZNV Netview.

The company offers the full array of each partners’ product portfolio. With their wide range of partnerships, it is able to offer various services such as Network Assessment, Network Intrusion Assessment, Compliance Report Generation, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Solutions, Data Center Design, IT Implementations, IT Consultation and Virtualization Solutions.

Tackling the Toughest Challenges

The uniqueness of Annexus Technologies lies with its highly-skilled and proficient team, which has expertise in designing, planning, and deploying industry-specific virtualization and cloud computing solutions. Annexus Technologies faced numerous challenges and struggles in its early days.

Five main roles are required to close business deal successfully, namely Sales, Pre-Sales Engineering, PostSales Engineering, Project Management, and Post-Sales Support. Project financing once a deal was closed was also another hurdle.

What Andrew learned in this difficult teething period was that the recruitment of the right people is critical to getting the job done, and he embodies that lesson today.

Industry-Leading Product Lines

As virtualization becomes ubiquitous, VMware will continue to be the pioneer in providing virtualization platforms to achieve and maintain all strategic IT objectives.

Annexus initially started with server virtualization based on VMware, and this was a huge hit. Eventually, customers wanted the same level of resilience in other areas of their infrastructure. VMware expanded their virtualization initiative by taking over all other aspects of IT that complimented or depended upon their Server Virtualization – Desktops, Storage, Network, Firewalls, and Mobile Device Management.

This ensures end-to-end virtualization – highly scalable, available, and adaptable to growing needs.

As VMware focuses on the future, it is clear that it will start virtualizing areas that Annexus never considered before like power and cooling. This holistic approach will give them increased control of the architecture that supports virtualization, and may initially manifest as a bridge solution that allows better integration between power, cooling and virtualization.

Ultimately, VMware will make large and mid-sized physical computers a thing of the past; they will be replaced by small low-cost devices or KVM that offload all processing power to the virtualized infrastructure, allowing users to become more productive.

Annexus will assist VMware in achieving their goals by continuing to deliver their products to the market while ensuring that Annexus has the trained personnel needed to design, implement and support these highly versatile solutions.

Company’s Foresight

For the future, Annexus Technologies aims to stick with their customer-centric approach along the path of innovation by understanding customer requirements first and then delivering effective solutions. This, the company believes, will eventually create a win-win situation for them as well as their customers.

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