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Simpson’s Success Mantra: Being Collaborative, Transformative and Innovative.

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Simpson Healthcare Executives: Delightfully Sharing Scientific Stories and Therapies to All in Need

Scientific information provision and seamless communication are the most important things to drive forward the innovations that will disruptively transform healthcare worldwide and lead the industry into the future. To serve for this cause, the inception of Simpson Healthcare Executives took place. At Simpson Healthcare Executives, they challenge the key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to think disruptively about scientific………………
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America’s 20 Most Promising Companies To Watch

Sirkanth Chakkilam | CEO | Cigniti Technologies - Insights Success

Cigniti Technologies: Ride the Quality Engineering with Agile Testing Services

In this ever-changing engineering industry scenario, a product or an application is only considered to be successful when it is reliable and user-friendly. But to provide such product or application there is an ultimate need of flawless independent...
Risto Rossar | Founder & CEO | Insly - Insights Success

Insly: Making Insurance Easy to Understand, Manage and Buy

Since decades from now, Insurance industry has been operating manually, and streamlining insurance agents and brokers was a tough task to handle. To provide a solution to this dilemma, Insly rolled out a cloud...
Greg Friedman | President | Junxure - Insights Success

Junxure: Helping Financial Advisors and Investment Professionals to Perform Better

Wealth Management is a pretty tough job. However, when one helps people to make sense of their money in support of their vision, then wealth management transforms into a noble job. With the vision...
Josh McAfee | CEO | McAfee Institute - InsightSuccess

McAfee Institute: Develops the Industry’s Most Elite Cyber Crime Fighters

A recent report from CISCO indicates that there would be over one million cyber security job openings by 2018, and the demand is expected to rise to 6 million by 2019. The intelligence sector...
Amit Mehta | CEO | Moblize - Insights Success

Moblize: Improving Daily Life of Engineers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The current scenario suggests that the oil and gas industry is struggling with the rising costs of extraction and the turbulent state of international politics. To face and fight with these problems, the oil...
Nitin Rakesh | CEO & Director | Mphasis - Insights Success

Mphasis: A Prominent and Leading Global Player in IT Industry

We live in a world where technology is a crucial need to survive. It is evident from the fact that we are dependent on computers for everything we do and it has only made...
Jeremy Almond | CEO & Co-founder | PayStand - Insights Success

PayStand: Business Payments for the Digital Age

The global financial scenario is enduring a drastic turmoil, and as a result, financial services are undergoing a once in a century change. Companies are now reacting to ever increasing payment complexity, interfaces and...
Jack zahran | President | Pinkerton - Insights Success

Pinkerton: A Global Industry Leader in Risk Management Since 1850

The risk landscape changes on a daily basis. Many of the threats that exist today did not exist five years ago, and the threats confronting organizations across the globe five years from now may...
Gerard Metzler | President & Founder | Quantitative Business Analytics, LLC - Insights Success

Quantitative Business Analytics: Reshaping the Energy and Utility Industry

The sky is the limit for data analytics and meaningful data services that are provided to energy customers on demand and on a subscription basis. For years, CEOs have bemoaned the high cost of...
Randy Boldyga | Founder, President & CEO | RxNT - Insights Success

RxNT: Rediscovering Better Ways to Develop the Medical Industry

The Medical Industry is developing every moment, ever since its inception. With improvement, comes more competition and more players enter the field. Every company wants to be the first choice of their customers. The...
Iram Shah | Senior Vice President | Schneider Electric - Insights Success

Schneider Electric: Global Specialist in Energy Management & Automation Ensuring Life Is On

Change in the world is more profound than ever. The heart of the world’s population beats to an urban drum. People flock to cities to work, and increasingly, to live. The rise in urbanization...
Gautam Thakkar | CEO | Se2 - Insights Success

Se2: Future Proofing the Life Insurance Industry

Back in the 1950s, a classic American Television show aired called Father Knows Best starring actor Robert Young, the protagonist of the show, who played the role of an insurance salesman. Since then, the insurance industry has more-often-than-not...
Andrew Silver | Co-founder & CTO | Tango Networks - Insights Success

Tango Networks: Enterprise Communications Unleashed

Communication is important and, it’s an art that one needs to master to prosper. We live in an ever-evolving world with advancements in every sector. There’s a wide variety of choices out there for...
Andy White | Chairman & CEO | Trilliant - Insights Success

Trilliant: Enabling Actionable Intelligence With an Open and Secure Communications Platform

The energy and utilities sectors are in the midst of digital transformation. Traditional communication channels are no longer effective nor cost efficient. The global leader in delivering intelligent networks, Trilliant is a connectivity company, providing infrastructure solutions that enable...
Robert Cooper | Managing Director | Wildix Communications - Insights Success

Wildix Communications: The Next Big Thing in the Market of Unified Communication

Unified Communications integrates all the enterprise communication services, including instant messaging, present information, voice and IP telephony, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, speech recognition, audio, web and video conferencing. With its own share...

Thought Leadership

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius | Chairman of the Board & Founder | Florian Kurz | CEO & Partner | Bamero AG - Insights Success

Companies amid the Digital Transformation Storm

Computer scientist Florian Kurz and Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius lead the bamero AG in close cooperation. Although both personalities sweep everyone around them with their energy and live on agile and process-centric approaches, they also complement...

CXO Standpoint

Anthony Chow | Co- Founder & CEO | Igloohome - Insights Success

Smart Access – On The Rise In Homes, Properties, and Vacation Rentals

The introduction of smart technology is game-changing, and there is no doubt that it has been taking over the world by storm in recent years. It is reshaping how we live – from personal...
Donovan Chan | Creative Director | Beach House Pictures - Insights Success

Technology Innovation: An indispensable factor in business

We used to say that the storytelling business is all about the people. Talents from different fields – writing, producing, editing, the list goes on – come together to craft amazing video content that...

Chalk Talk

Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment - Insights Success

Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment

The Social responsibilities of corporate companies are known as Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a duty of the corporate body to protect the interest of the society as well as the environment. We know...

Industry Thought

Importance of Comfort and Great Work Culture In An Organization - Insights Success

Importance of Comfort and Great Work Culture In An Organization

How many hours employees spend at work every day? Is it Eight? Nine? Ten? Or even more than that? So, there are high chances that one might spend more than half of his/her waking...

The Astute Panel

The Astute Panel - Insights Success

Innovation: The Catalyst in Human Evolution

Where We Came From The stroke of a rock against another rock gave early humans the idea of stone tools. Man started designing stone tools for hunting, farming and even for protection against wild animals....