All About Garage Door Malfunctions and How to Quickly Resolve Them!

Garage doors are a vital part of your home’s security. They keep intruders and unwanted guests out. But garage door malfunctions happen more often than you might think and can lead to long-lasting damage to the garage door itself.

Through this blog, learn how to resolve garage door jams with these quick fixes!

– If your garage door is stuck open, try shutting it manually to see if any debris has lodged within it.

Be sure not to pull or push too hard on the garage door as you close it so that the safety sensors do their job and reverse when they detect an obstruction.

You may need a garage door technician to remove any material jammed between the garage doors so that it can close properly by itself again.

– When closing a garage door with two automatic sections, be sure both are closed before proceeding forward because this action will disconnect them from each other and cause one of them (or both) to stop working until repairs are done.

After confirming all parts have been detached, proceed cautiously while opening either garage section; doing otherwise could cause one garage door to reverse on the other, potentially injuring someone.

– If you’re garage door is jammed and won’t budge no matter what you do, try adjusting the garage opener’s sensitivity settings before calling a garage door maintenance specialist out for help.

You may need a technician experienced with your specific type of installation to make this adjustment or correctly diagnose any malfunctioning sensors.

– Garage doors also become stuck due to weather conditions like snow and ice buildup; if these are present in your area during winter months, it could be causing jams between the panels and interference with some safety mechanisms.

A fix would include removing all traces of snow and ice from both surfaces so they can close properly.

– Lastly, garage doors can malfunction due to the garage itself being too high off the ground. This will cause jams from debris that has become lodged or interference with sensors as they try and reverse in order for the garage door to close correctly.

If this is your case, you’ll need a garage door opener specialist who understands how specific types of garage installations work and have experience correcting problems associated with them.

It’s important to have garage door jams fixed soon after they happen, to avoid long-lasting damage on the garage doors or garage door opener. If you’re unsure whether any of these circumstances apply to your garage door malfunctions, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a qualified garage door technician!

*BONUS: Attempt this simple fix for getting stuck garage doors open by yourself before calling a specialist. It may or may not work, but it will save you time and money from paying someone out right away.*

The easiest way we’ve found is using a rubber mallet (like what carpenters use). Open up as much space as possible between both panels so that there’s room for the winch cable line.

Then, use your garage door opener’s motor (or a drill) to spin the steel cable so that it becomes tense. Bring both garage doors down and hammer lightly on them with the rubber mallet until they’re open again!

A malfunctioning garage door can supremely ruin your day. If you’re not careful, it could put you in danger too! When something like this happens to a car owner with kids and pets at home, they have no choice but to find help as soon as possible.

Finding an experienced garage door technician is vital when it comes to fixing all kinds of garage doors so that you live safely and without any injuries to yourself or anyone else.