AIMS: Redefining data centres in Malaysia & South-East Asia

The data centre as we have come to know it has changed. With bandwidth needs now driven by trends such as wearable technology and big data, organisations are viewing, building and planning their data centres differently. Many are migrating new data centres to leased co-location facilities and public cloud services to be more efficient and achieve higher density.

As a result, data centre providers need to keep pace with the times. With nearly three decades of industry experience, AIMS is well-placed to fulfil modern data centre demands thanks to its status as ASEAN’s ever-expanding data centre and managed services provider.

The Inception Story

Strategically located in the central business district of Kuala Lumpur, the central AIMS data centre was incorporated in 1990. It is supported by satellite centres tactically positioned in Cyberjaya as well as the business districts of Penang and Johor locally, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam regionally. The company provides international certified data storage facilities and ancillary services, augmented by an unrivalled platform for inter-connectivity.

In a few short years, AIMS has emerged as the most densely populated communications facility in South East Asia. As the anchor site for the Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX), AIMS hosts all domestic and over 80% of the foreign telecommunication carriers based in Malaysia, building a vast and rich ecosystem that truly enriches AIMS’ loyal customers.

AIMS’ ground-breaking strategies have been instrumental in their penetration into the enterprise market and rapid expansion. Menara AIMS, the headquarters, has expanded from 400sqft to more than 60,000sqft currently; by the end of this year, it will have achieved maximum capacity.

Services Offered By AIMS

The team at AIMS strives to provide customers with the latest technology and hardware solutions, creating a comprehensive, scalable and future-ready ecosystem. Key services offered by AIMS include co-location, managed services, disaster recovery, cloud and support services. These services are scalable, customisable, future-proof and efficient. They are also overseen by trained and qualified Service Operations Centre engineers.

AIMS’ team of highly skilled and experienced Service Operation Centre engineers work around the clock to offer two levels of 24/7 support services, ranging from physically managing equipment to entering customers’ co-location space to render specific assistance.

In order to further enhance its offerings for the benefit of customers, AIMS decided to partner up with
Network Infrastructure Inventory Inc (Ni2) to provide an all-in-one platform for IT Service Management (ITSM), Operational Support System (OSS) and Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities. It is the first data centre in the Asia-Pacific region to enter into such a partnership with Ni2, further cementing its position as an industry leader.

The X-Factor

The AIMS Group is able to leverage off being a member of the TIME Group to provide a whole suite of data centre solutions. AIMS’ carrier-neutral status also gives customers the option of utilising connection services from other telecommunications providers. Moreover, AIMS is adopting an environmentally-friendly approach by investing in and implementing green technology, such as applying Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) in its data centre to reduce the environmental impact.

Satisfied Client Base

With AIMS’ unrivalled connectivity locally and beyond, AIMS customers enjoy instant and direct access to AIMS’ dynamic ecosystem of networks, carriers and IT service providers. AIMS supports over 300 customers, many of them highly loyal with an average of seven years’ working relationship. They are extremely diverse, hailing from industries that range from financial services, telecommunications, social media, e-commerce and more.

Looking To The Future

AIMS thinks that cashless transactions will be a game changer for how businesses operate in Malaysia in 2018, especially with Alipay and WeChat Pay poised to enter Malaysia and boost the mobile payment industry. Cashless transactions signal an increase in data and analytical potential for businesses to discover, so it is essential that these businesses start looking at ways to empower their business and ensure safe transactions for their customers. As a one-stop centre for all their customers’ business needs, AIMS will continue to be driven and adaptable to new technology and new demands.

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