Accordant Technology: Creating Remarkable Customer Experience with ‘Best-of Breed Technology’

In today’s world technology has solutions to most of the problems lingering in business. The market space is flooded with companies who are standing out due its unique features. Amidst of all the chaos of staying ahead in the competition and being updated with the advancing technology, balancing these technologies and keeping it updated can be lot of task.

Accordant Technology, a company based out of Franklin, TN has put forward some ground breaking solutions and is changing the way technology is leveraged by business. The sole purpose of this company is to deliver secure virtual workspaces and cloud-based solutions.  Accordant is an End User Compute (EUC) company focused on delivering world class secure virtual workspaces and cloud solutions with a 5 Star User Experience. Taking advantage of strategic technologies including Citrix Systems, Crossmatch, Carbon Black and Nutanix, Accordant provides the best-of-breed technology stack for the services.

Accordant delivers few unique and operational services. However, the factor that sets Accordant apart is its relentless focus on the user experience. Having founded 5 years ago, the company strongly believes that “Happy users make successful companies”.

Trusted Technology Partners at Service

Gaining unbreakable confidence among clients is not something many companies have mastered. While many are still mastering the challenge, Accordant is standing out among the crowd and has gained the poise among its client and the market. Staying focused on its mission and goal has helped the team at Accordant overcome challenges.

However, the most exceptional feature of Accordant is the technological products it offers which aids its clients to achieve an absolute user experience. The strategic technologies are:

  • Citrix, which offers End-to-end secure digital workspace and cloud solutions
  • Crossmatch, helps in Biometric Identity Management and Multi-factor authentication
  • Carbon Black, helps in providing End-point security and Next Gen AV
  • Nutanix, who is the leader of Hyper-converged technology for world class infrastructure.

Complete Blend of Experience and Creativity

The greatest asset of any company is the employees yet, it’s the mentor who guides both the company and the employees towards success. One such visionary mentor is Tim Tyler, who is the Founder and CEO of Accordant.  With over 20 year of experience in IT, Tim found a market for EUC where companies in the territory were under served from a consulting and support perspective.  Accordant has found a niche in the market by being laser focused on the end user experience and not deviating from making that experience the best it can be with providing users with a secure, consistent and always available – from anywhere, on any device – solution.

Tim and his team of technicians and engineers at Accordant do not compromise for anything less than satisfied clients. This commitment towards serving clients has crowned it as one of the most trusted IT solution provider in the market. Tim also makes sure that the company has a culture of extreme ownership.  He adds saying, “Each member of our team is aware of their responsibilities and has autonomy to excel at that with complete ownership of their attitude, behavior and deliverables”.    

Tim believes that extreme ownership when strongly impressed upon each individual can result in getting the job done to the best of the ability of the employees and the outcome is on them.  Agreeing on the fact that the success behind strong companies is great ideas, Tim encourages new and innovative ideas from his team members. He quotes, “We encourage all to bring creative ideas constantly that help us be better every day and contribute to our overall mission which is consistently providing a 5 Star user experience.”

Aiding the Daily business

Having founded with purpose to narrow down the gap between virtualization and solutions cloud market, the solutions offered by the team of software developers and engineers have placed the company at the top in the field of virtualization and cloud technologies. Consulting, System Integration, Support, and Fulfillment are the services provided at Accordant.

Consulting: Detailed planning, installation and management is the key factors needed by technology service providers to help clients achieve their goals. Taking this under consideration the team at Accordant understands every aspect of virtualization, application delivery, hosting and mobility which includes methodologies such as Assess-Design-Change-Maintain.

System Integration: The nightmare of architecting, designing, installing, training, testing and documents within technology is a nightmare for many of the IT experts. However, Accordant has strategies to manage all these valuable services.

Support: The technology audits of Accordant helps in improving the quality and performance of the client’s technology. The IT expert at Accordant works with its client’s in-house team and analyzes their IT infrastructure and helps in identifying opportunities that can be useful to save money.

Fulfillment: The team of experts here in Accordant will help acquiring the best technology in the market that helps its client to reach the peak of their business in a cost-effective way.

Accordant’s Future is Proportional to the Advancing Technology

The improvements in technologies like AR and VR has opened new opportunities for Accordant. The team here sees it as a way to help its clients navigate a cloud first/cloud ready environment. Software manufactures pushing their consumption model to cloud-based subscription allows companies to access, use, and consume software. Focusing on the end user, Accordant also helps companies to become flexible and agile so that they can leverage cloud solutions from anywhere, on any device.

All these factors have triggered an aggressive growth mode of Accordant. Being fully serviceable at US, Tim and his team are planning to expand geographically to Mid America and TOLA regions.

Source :-The 20 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2018