7 Tips for Power Dressing to Boost Confidence at Work

In some workplaces, dress codes are commonplace, and for those who work in a business setting, power dressing can do a great deal to boost one’s confidence. Not only will it help you develop self-esteem, but the way you dress can also have a significant impact on how others perceive you, even if you work from home. Here’s how you can ensure your dress style can influence your status at work.

1.   Dress Appropriately

Even if your office doesn’t have a dress code, you should always keep in mind that your clothing should be appropriate for your daily functions. You should not go in a rugged pair of denim jeans if you plan to meet with foreign investors for your business. Even if your company culture is more laid back, you should represent them on a positive note.

2.   Find Your Style

Most powerful career women like Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour, and Hillary Clinton have that distinctive style that sets them apart. All of them possess that style and substance to show that they are their own persons and they do not need to rely on someone to reinforce a position of power. Another great advantage of finding your go-to style is the convenience it can bring you when you need to get dressed up from work. You don’t have to spend so much time and instead focus your thoughts on what needs to be accomplished for the day. Having a recognizable style in the office can help you get noticed.

3.   Grooming Is Important

Aside from your choice of clothes, you also have to make sure that you are properly groomed. It won’t matter if you have a perfectly pressed suit if your hair looks frizzy and damaged. Your confidence will show if you know how to present yourself to anyone. For many, grooming is often overlooked yet an equally important aspect of power dressing. Well-maintained nails and healthy skin can indicate your attention to detail and discipline.

4.   Use the Power of Accessories

Accessories can instantly glam up your look. Don’t be afraid to wear jewelry at work if it gives you confidence. Wear that diamond ring, if you must. What do diamonds symbolize? It can be an indirect way of showing your status. It can be a way to show how powerful women can be.

5.   Invest in Power Shoes

When you are in the office, you have to factor in how comfortable your shoes are. Go for something that can give you a bit more height to convey a sense of power. Make sure that your choice of shoes will allow you to stay comfortable while exuding a confident vibe.

6.   Avoid Exposing Too Much Skin

While a low-neckline top can make you feel sexy, it won’t do much if you will take away the attention of your colleagues to the confidence you are trying to convey. In a business setting, it would be more appropriate to avoid showing too much skin. In a psychological study, women who wear revealing clothes in an office are often perceived as less competent by their colleagues. Women are more likely to get promoted when they are dressed in a more professional manner.

7.   Stay Fit

Many may not consider it to be a way to dress up, those with a more toned body are more likely to be perceived as confident and disciplined. Sometimes, personality and capability are reflected in how you treat your body.

Follow these power dressing tips and you will soon realize that the renewed sense of confidence you have will help you in boosting your confidence and getting you further in your career.