5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Productivity

The vast majority of marketers work together as a team rather than alone. In a group, you can bounce ideas off of one another and think up incredible campaigns, but there is also the pitfall of goofing off and wasting time. To avoid the most common productivity pitfalls, use the following five ways to improve the amount of work accomplished without sacrificing thoughtful planning.

1. Make All Campaign Data Accessible to Marketers

Marketers need access to campaign data on a day-to-day basis. Even if your company is in the middle of a campaign, that data can be useful to marketers because they can visualize what is working at the moment. When monitoring social media reports, less is usually more. So ensure you balance the amount of data with how the data is presented.

For example, you don’t want to receive a bunch of numbers from your higher-ups because the data might not all be useful, or it could take hours to look through and categorize it. Using a tool that presents data in a user-friendly way can benefit the entire company and campaign.

2. Look at Individual and Not Group Performance

When another team member isn’t pulling their weight, it can be frustrating for the rest of the group. Even if everyone is putting their best foot forward, it’s still helpful for each person to know how well they’re performing. You also guarantee that no one in the team is left with all the work; every single person has their own tasks, duties, and goals they need to reach.

When measuring employee performance, ensure they aren’t subject to overload. Employees that feel they don’t have enough time to complete their work are less likely to get anything done, which will destroy productivity for the rest of the team.

3. Use a Team Management Tool

Without a team management tool, your team may find it difficult to collaborate with one another. Group emails are nice, but they aren’t instant, and it could take hours for someone to answer a simple question. With tools like Teamweek, Asana, Slack, and Trello, you can heighten productivity by allowing your team to assign tasks, share progress and tasks and communicate.

Not only will it speed up team productivity, but it will also ensure that things get done faster. With instant messaging software, you can quickly ask someone in your team if they’re satisfied with a design without having to walk over to their desk and ask.

4. Prioritize Timely Feedback

Managers and team members should encourage timely feedback with one another. Otherwise, a project that could take a week may extend to two weeks or longer. If a team member notices that someone isn’t meeting their deadlines, they need to immediately contact their team heads or managers. Don’t expect them to wait until the next scheduled meeting.

Without constant feedback, any problem that could have been solved will take longer. While it may be intimidating for your team members to speak for another person, your deadline will be impacted, which will affect your clients and the business’s reputation.

5. Encourage Team Communication

A Lot of deadline or management issues are solvable before speaking to a manager if team members are able to communicate amongst themselves. If team members don’t get along, it will affect their performance, but it will also limit the time they could use to brainstorm ideas. You will ultimately be left with a team that can’t take full control of their creativity.

Communicating with a team management tool is helpful, but you will have to speak to each other face-to-face throughout a campaign. It’s important to conduct team-building exercises and lunches that help newer members become a part of the family.

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