40 under 40

What is the 40 Under 40 Award?

Insights Success has been recognizing and providing a firm platform to business executives and professionals to share their experiences of innovative game changing ideas and barrier breaking decisions globally. The 40 Under 40 Award will seek executives who have been constantly innovating new style of business strategies and have a proven track record of delivering effective and collaborative solutions.


Innovators, professionals and executives may apply. They must also personify their innovative ideas that have helped them to make a mark in the business world, leaving a broader impact in their respective industries.

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Privileges with this Recognition:

Quick Deliverables

  • Three full page articles portraying your Success story through our print and online magazine, with your Images
  • Print ready PDF with reprint rights
  • A Digital Certificate honoring your participation.
  • Back link of your website in the web-version of your article.
  • Once the issue is published, we will provide a press release alongside a quote from the Editor in Chief

One Year Branding Assistance

  • 1 year access to our website and social media channels for any announcements, press releases and news.
  • 2x one full page advertisements that can be utilized in any of our issues till one year.
  • Web and Digital links of your profile along with the logo of the edition.


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