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Impacting Through Influence

I am sure you all have come across numerous books, courses, and essays that talk about leadership. The one evident thing that came out from […]

Project Listings

Audie L. Chapman, II: A Solution-oriented Leader in the Manufacturing Industry Ensuring Superior Products

The manufacturing sector is one of the most important sectors of all economies in the world. It is the pillar of the growth of any […]

Danny Sava: A Savvy Veteran and an Exceptionally Dedicated Leader

Achievement is a need that dominates the world. Achieving a determined goal at a young age seems challenging. People throw away their entire life to […]

Jesse Parker Stowell: Developing Strategic Campaigns that Interface with Consumers, Influencers, and Media

The field of public relations is all about building relationships, sending the right message at the right time, and strengthening the bond between a brand […]

Joël Richer: Determined to Safeguard Employee Safety

In this volatile business world, a few companies genuinely embrace change and encourage new teammates to become leaders and challenge the status quo, which is […]

Myke Celis: Helping People Become their Own #Bestmeever

Meet Myke Celis a professional life coach and a CEO at Best Me Ever Professional Coaching, Training & Development Services. Myke is a whole-hearted person […]

Shivani Pillay: Empowering Women to Step Up

When you realize your passion and discover your purpose, you can achieve the greatest milestones. An embodiment of the above statement is Shivani Pillay, the […]

Zachary Garber: A Trusted Advisor and a Passionate Leader

Leaders who are successful today knew how to define a common goal, communicate it clearly to their team, and ensure to have the right resources […]

Louw Barnardt | Co-Founder & Managing Director | Outsourced CFO
Louw Barnardt: Offering Specialized CFO and Accounting Services to SMEs

The business world consists of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises play a crucial role in shaping any country’s economy by […]

Dakota Hendrickson: A Leading Voice of Reason in Technology

The world has undergone significant advancements in the last few centuries. A couple of centuries ago, men on horseback rode through villages, pillaging and looting […]

Jared Tanimoto: A Leader with a Client-First Approach

There have been false implications in the financial industry for years where people disguised themselves as financial advisors, but in reality, are brokers in disguise, […]

Kayla Russell: Shaping the Future Generation of Accounting

Several aspects are essential for every micro-enterprise, and one of those aspects is better accounting. A reliable accountant can assist these enterprises to focus on […]

Manny Hernandez: Driving Market Growth with Innovative Technologies

Long before Manny Hernandez was the Vice President of North America at Queclink, he was a product manager and one of the bright minds leading […]

Nick Greenfield: Promoting Wellbeing of People by Redefining Oral Health Using Modern Technology

High-quality orthodontics should be affordable and accessible to everyone. It was this idea that inspired Nick Greenfield to start Candid, a company that is redefining […]

Rogayeh Tabrizi: Leading Complex Science with Artful Simplicity

Over the years, leadership has changed to meet the requirements of modern times and ever-changing business landscapes. Rogayeh Tabrizi has cultivated a team that practices […]

Philippa Dods: The Ambitious Trail-Blazing Change-Maker

There are plenty of women doing incredible work in the tech industry all over the world, while making space for others at the top. One […]