4 Managed IT Services That Optimize SME Performance

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase profitability. They will go with any strategy which helps reduce costs or increase revenues, and if one strategy helps achieve both then that’s even better. In the 21st century, businesses are looking towards digital solutions to help improve their functionality.

Through digital services, businesses can significantly reduce the time a task takes to complete, improve the efficiency of that process, and even save money while they do it. Through companies such as EC-MSP, business owners can gain a better understanding of what kind of tech solutions will work best for their particular situation, and learn about the best way to bring about this change.

The managed IT support industry isn’t a new phenomenon, and has been around in some form or another ever since the advent of computers and digital devices. Recently, it has become a more prominent field of work as digital businesses become more common. In 2017, the managed IT services industry was valued at nearly $160 billion and forecasts suggest that figure is likely to more than double by 2023.

However, in the second decade of the 21st century, there is no shortage of managed IT service providers. In fact, there’s so much of an overflow of service providers that it’s becoming difficult for clients to find the right one.

Just because someone else is using a particular service provider doesn’t mean that company will be the best choice for your business, as well. Each IT support provider has its own unique strengths and limitations, and it’s best to first critically evaluate exactly what your company needs and use that as a starting point to find a suitable match.

Spending the time and effort to find a good IT service provider will help save the business from many headaches later on when their support provider isn’t as supportive as they should be, and then the hunt for a new service provider starts all over again.

Depending on the nature of the business and services they require, the skills and services of a managed IT support company will vary.

Given that, four of the most needed and frequently offered IT services are as follows:

Cyber Security

This is easily one of the most prominent concerns for small to medium scale businesses right now, as cyber-attacks are at an all-time high. After the lockdown situation in early 2020, businesses of every size are making their way to online platforms and digital marketplaces; however, keeping their business secure in this shift is something new and daunting.

Not only can an IT support provider help your business develop a secure digital platform, but they are also a vital resource when it comes to teaching your employees how to properly manage their activities in a way that will ensure their security and safety of your business.

IT Regulations

As the digital environment expands globally and more institutions are entering the online space, governments across the globe are formulating their own IT regulations and directives for businesses and organizations to adhere to. These regulations help streamline processes across different industries, and make specific processes such as security, data processing, and networking homogenous.

These regulations range from easy to very complex depending on the industry and application. An experienced IT support provider who’s well versed in these regulations can build your whole business infrastructure from the ground up in line with these directives.


Your digital network is the underlying web that holds your entire business together, and a fault in any one area of the network could bring the entire business to a standstill. Your network is also a complex system that involves both software and hardware such as routers, cables, servers, and switches. With the help of a good IT support team, your business can develop a network that’s not only secure but also durable and efficient, helping your company reduce costs and possible downtime.

The best managed IT service providers don’t only install and configure your network; they also proactively monitor the system to keep a check on any abnormalities and clear problems before they occur. IT support teams often have network specialists who can devise a more potent network solution than the average, general jack-of-all-trades IT technician. If your company can afford an in-house network specialist, that’s great, but using a service provider with a network specialist on board is your best solution.

Recovery and Backup

Even with a combination of the best hardware and software, the possibility of something going wrong and data being lost can’t be eliminated. Businesses now have much of their data, if not all, saved in digital format on a hard disk, a computer, or a cloud service. There is always the possibility of a storage device getting lost or data simply becoming corrupt.

Moreover, it isn’t only the data of your company, but also your client and consumer data which could go missing – that would cause you and your business significant headaches for the foreseeable future. To safeguard oneself from such problems, it’s best to have your system evaluated by an IT specialist who knows what kind of backup and recovery options should be used in case of an unfortunate event.

Optimize Your SME’s Performance with Managed IT Services

With so much digital activity, the number of tasks that need taken care of in a businesses’ IT department can pile up. Rather than placing this burden on a mildly competent in-house IT person, it’s much more cost-effective and efficient to delegate this job to an outsourced IT service provider with an entire team to manage every digital aspect of your business.

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