2019’s Most Recommended EdTech Companies

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2019's Most Recommended EdTech Companies to Watch

The Changing Roads of Education

Technology and the discipline of education have been treading on parallel roads, ceaselessly progressing and transcending into notions that now hold the potential to change […]

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Gonzalo Baranda | CEO | BlinkLearning [ Insights Success ]
Technological Resources are Keys as Teachers Shape Education’s Next Big Leaps forward in Schools

Since the arrival and subsequent growth in the widespread use of digital tools in classrooms all over the world, the education industry has gone through […]

Editor’s Pick | the Traditional Education System [ Insights Success ]
Changing Paradigms of the Traditional Education System

Education and literacy is an integral part of human civilization for centuries. The Ancient texts and scriptures around the globe mention education being imparted by […]

Educational Technologies on the Institutional Ecosystem [ Insights Success ]
The Impact of Educational Technologies on the Institutional Ecosystem

The education revolution nowadays has been highly driven and greatly influenced by technology. Technical advancement in the field has transformed the learning system to its […]

Wan Muzaffar Wan Hashim | Co-founder CEO | Anak2U
Anak2U: Reforming Education One Child at a Time

The inclusion of various innovative technologies within the domain of education has given comprehensive development a brief push towards expanding its potential. Education and technology […]

Grant Hosford | CEO & Co-Founder | codeSpark
codeSpark: Turning Programming into Play!

In today’s technology driven era, education companies are developing increasingly user friendly tools for creating a positive impact in classroom. These digital initiatives deliver a […]

Mukul Agrawal | Co-Founder & CEO | eTutorWorld
eTutorWorld: Changing the Face of Online Education Globally

The ascension of a digital-learning era has emancipated us from the shortcomings within traditional education and has also established an ease in accessing content that […]

Andrew Powell | Group CEO | route2work
route2work: Creating Pathways towards a World of Opportunity

The EdTech market is experiencing a digital revolution: the emergence of millennial and Gen Z talent into the careers market has disrupted the reliance on […]

Prabu Govindaraj | CEO | TeenEinstein
TeenEinstein: A Global Approach to Enhance STEM Education

With the successive wave of technological advancements, EdTech Market is making rapid strides in AI based technology innovation and adaptation. Founded in 2012 in Santa […]

Yogev Shelly | Founder & CEO | TinyTap
TinyTap: Limitless Interactive Learning for Kids Worldwide

The complexity, fragmentation and long sale cycles, made it hard for companies to deploy and sell to the educational systems. Hence, a new era of […]