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The 10 most Recommended Retail Solutions - Insights Success

Trade Link Retail Systems: A Renowned Partner for Retail Solutions

Trade Link Retail Systems (Pty) Ltd (Trade Link) has been at the forefront of supplying the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in Southern Africa with tailored Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions for the last 25 years, their experience has allowed them to grow with their clients and provide valuable services, from POS hardware and software systems and support, integrating into the retailer back office and head office functions. Driven by technology, the Trade Link is able to provide……..
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Company of the Month

Chas Wurster | Chief Technology Officer | PAR Technology Corporation - Insights Success

PAR Technology: Software Solutions for Food Retailers

The retail industry is in the middle of a transformative phase with changing consumer behaviors, a rapidly evolving set of enabling technologies, and growing complexity. Through all of this, their customers and partners rely on PAR Technology Corp to help them to be successful in …………
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The 10 Most Recommended Retail Solution Providers 2018

Mark Hudson | Founder & CEO | Antivia - Insights Success

Antivia: Enabling Non-Programmers to Create Stunning Dashboard Applications

Retailers operate in a challenging environment. They face multiple challenges in the form of intense competition, low profit margins and ever changing customer preferences. To survive from all these, they need to make some...
Ian Goldman | President & CEO | Celerant Technology Corp - Insights Success

Celerant Technology Corp: Developing Retail and E-Commerce Software in the Retail World

For many years, retailers have focused on personalizing the experience for their shoppers online by providing seamless checkout processes, mobile E-Commerce and by tracking their every movement online. With all this data, there is...
Zel Bianco | Co-founder, President & CEO | Interactive Edge - Insights Success

Interactive Edge: Transforming Technology for Faster and Deeper Insights

An industry leader in data analysis and presentation software, Interactive Edge has been serving the consumer goods industry to enhance productivity and efficiency for over 20 years. Interactive Edge provides shopper and category management...
Paul Cooney | Founder & CEO | Shamrock Consulting Group - Insights Success

Shamrock Consulting Group: Offering Reliable Solutions for Telecom, Data Center, Cloud and Fiber Verticals...

The consulting agent industry has changed considerably, and so has the provider industry -- there are enormous, exciting changes happening right now. Agents don’t survive long if they don’t know how to advise on...
Leonardo Musso | CEO | KPS AG - Insights Success

KPS AG: Enriching Business Operations with Priceless Experience and Insights

An hourglass is a fascinating object for thinkers and dreamers alike. When sand drops from an hourglass to measure time, it fills an empty void into a flask to capture infinite possibilities that each...

Retail Insights

Troy Muise | Co - Founder & CEO | Salesboom - Insights Success

Customer Experience through an Agile Retail Technology Platform

It's simple. We all know that Customer Experience is improved by managing the relationship through the entire customer lifecycle, while ensuring we keep employees and customers on the same page at all times. To improve...


Russ Hawkins | President & CEO | Agilence - Insights Success

Retail in the Digital Age: Focusing on the Three Things

Customer buying patterns, as well as evolving consumer behavior, lays the groundwork as to why the real-time monitoring of operations, promotions, and financial performance are mission critical to today’s modern retailer. These businesses, with...

Industry Trends

Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector - Insights Success

Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector

In recent times, the retail industry hasn’t seen a more exciting invention since the invention of cash register. With new and innovative technologies helping shape both online and offline experiences for consumers, the landscape...


Retail Industry: Trends, Insights, and Best Practices - Insights Success

Retail Industry: Trends, Insights, and Best Practices

When we ponder the traditional shopping experience, we realize how far we have come in the customer service with the developments in the retail industry. These evolutions came into the picture not only because...