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Gurtam products may not change the world, but they will surely change your business.

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Gurtam: Sweeping The Fleet Management Service off its Feet

Improving operational efficiency is an important operational process for all enterprises. However, recent innovations in Internet of Things (IoT) are taking this process to a whole new level. Companies are looking to integrate new features such as GPS sensors and mobile phones, mobile applications and steaming cameras, to save costs and add a layer of unparalleled efficiency. This new revolution in operational efficiency is the new order of the day as more and more companies realize that business culture requires transparency, factual evidence, accountability and ultimately reliable results in communication in all processes…………….
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The 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management Solution Providers 2017

Mark Haslam | President and CEO | DriverTech - Insights Success

DriverTech: Driving On-board Intelligence with a Comprehensive Fleet Management System

The proliferation of smart phones has profoundly changed the way organizations work. People plan and live their lives according to them and expect their work environment to be equally accessible and efficient. The Frost...
Yukon Palmer | Founder and CEO/Chief Service Promoter | FieldLogix - Insights Success

FieldLogix: Helping Others to Accomplish Their Goals

Founded in 2002, FieldLogix is one of the most enduring and efficient GPS tracking companies in the industry. The organization always streamlines its processes with automation to make its customers’ experience pleasant and non-disruptive,...
Yukie Novick | Founder and CEO | ISR Corporation - Insights Success

ISR Corporation: An Innovative Leader in Fleet Management Industry

The Fleet Management Solution sector is growing in size commensurate with the growth of vehicle fleets and the developments in automated fleet management technology. ISR Corporation, a renowned pioneer in the mapping and tracking...
Purple Global Services and Technologies - Insights Success

Purple Global Services and Technologies: Pioneering Fleet Management with Efficient Tools

The duo of two aspiring women—Mrs. Radha Abbi, in her late 60’s now, and Mrs. Sonal Abbi in her 40’s, were evaluating opportunities in the market, when they realized a gap in the Fleet...
Paul_Singh | CEO | SmartWitness - Insights Success

SmartWitness: A Dynamic Manufacturer of Vehicle CCTV, Telematics and Tracking Products

With a staggering 263.6 million registered vehicles in the United States itself, vehicles have become the most expensive and luxurious asset an individual or business owns or operates – after property. Although, vehicles are...

CXO Stanpoint

Novel Technologies that Simplify Enterprise Systems

The three big technologies impacting the enterprise in the near future are mobile, social, and cloud. These have all, of course, been around for a few years, but they are finally reaching the maturity required for enterprise...

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The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Today’s Business Buzzword ‘Innovation’ - Insights Success

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Today’s Business Buzzword ‘Innovation’

As technology plays the role model in our lives, in the same way, it is and will be undoubtedly, the driving power of the business world too. Those, who will prove to be innovative,...

Societal Overview

Science that can buy us Time to Prepare Ourselves - Insights Success

Science that can buy us Time to Prepare Ourselves

Everything runs on energy, living things take it from food and everything else runs on electricity. Computers, mobiles, vehicles, bulbs, fans and the companies which produce computers, mobiles, vehicles, bulbs, fans, everything needs electricity....