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Victor Cheah | CEO | Vigilant Asia

Victor Cheah: Building Trust to Protect YOU from Cyberthreats

A professional journey that began in 1992 that shone over the decades achieving several milestones; serving every business with one essential aspect: trust, Victor Cheah […]

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Ari Jacoby | Founder & CEO | Deduce
Ari Jacoby: Democratizing Cybersecurity

In our endeavor to find “Most Influential Business Leaders in Cyber Security, 2022”, we crossed our paths with Ari Jacoby, the Founder and CEO of […]

Mathieu Gorge | Founder & CEO | VigiTrust
Mathieu Gorge: A Passionate Leader in Data Security, Compliance, and Risk Management

Online data protection has become more critical than ever in the digital world. Being complacent in protecting online information can be a significant threat, and […]

Nir Ayalon | CEO | Cydome
Nir Ayalon: Safeguarding SEAS from Cyberthreats

Digitalization’s widespread has disrupted several industries bringing waves of transformative shifts elevating and streamlining the workflow. However, it also comes with several challenges in the […]

Nitesh Sinha | Founder & CEO | Sacumen
Nitesh Sinha: A Rising Phoenix Safeguarding YOU Digitally

The Cyber security space is transforming the ways business operates, spreading its roots deep enough to increase accessibility and detect and protect data from potential […]

Greg Taylor: Bringing a Sustainable Approach to Data Privacy

A quote by Stephane Nappo, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it,” accurately emphasizes the significance […]