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Randek: Building the Future with Disruptive Technologies

Little did any of us imagine that the sci-fi moves we watched in childhood would become a reality. But it is a fact that we […]

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Frank-Anjeaux-CEO-of- AXYN-Robotics
Axyn Robotique: A Leading Robotics and Automation Solution Provider

Technology has emerged as a blessing, making our life easier and simple, and robotics is one of the significant examples. Even during the pandemic, robotics […]

Fizyr: Automating Human Tasks by Deploying High-Quality Computer Vision Software 

There were the days when industrialization was a synonym of textile industry only, and the artisans were the industrial workers. But the industrial revolution invented […]

Green Blockchains – the future of sustainable blockchains

– by Raj Kapoor –Founder, India Blockchain Alliance Blockchain is a revolutionary disruptive technology and represents a change of cultural paradigm for the way in […]