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Entrex Art Market, LLC: A Revolutionary Blockchain-Enabled Platform Democratizing Art Ownership

Until now, artists and their curators have typically sold creations to a singular buyer. Companies, on the other hand, have been able to sell their […]

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additiv: The Right Technology Partner for your Digital Wealth and Investment Management

In the last decade, digitalization has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. From how we create to how we consume, this new paradigm is transforming […]

Asignio: Empowering Financial Institutions with Secure Authentication Soltuions

In today’s world, where everything from your groceries to your dinner reservations can be done online, it is only apparent that financial services ride this […]

Atidot: A Leading Cloud-based Platform for the Life Insurance Industry

With the emergence of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), many industries got disrupted. Exceptional transformations took place in the way […]

FinLocker: Keeping Customers and Businesses Financially Fit

We are in an era where technology has democratized financial services, giving customers unprecedented access to information, tools, and advice. However, for many financial institutions, […]