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10 Fintech Companies Revolutionizing Financial Services-2019 November2019

The Next Big Thing to Change the Market

The Fintech market is rapidly becoming major and more competitive. Fintech companies are generally more flexible, have low costs, and are more open to new technologies. Fintech companies seem to better understand human behavior and have a superior value proposition with which they are more able to create real value for customers. On the other hand: financial institutions have the customers and data, but move slowly, miss new digital skills and have a high cost/income ratio……..
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Innovator of the Month

Stephen Kalayjian | Chief Marketing Strategist & Co-founder | Ticker Tocker, LLC.

Ticker Tocker: On a Mission to Empower Traders

Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Ticker Tocker, LLC is an Intuitive Trading Platform Powered by a Community of Trading Leaders. Empowering retail investors and traders to compete is Ticker Tocker’s mission……
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10 Fintech Companies Revolutionizing Financial Services-2019