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Martin Carlesund | CEO | Evolution Gaming - Insights Success

Evolution Gaming: The World Leader in Live Dealer Gaming

Gone are those days when people were bound to go to a casino if they wanted to play a dealer game. In this rapidly advancing […]

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Henrique Martin | CCO | Andre Faure | CEO | GamePlan Consulting. - Insights Success
GamePlan Consulting: Providing Business Solutions to a Global Audience

GamePlan Consulting is a 360 – global consultancy specialized in helping game companies identify, strategize and deliver great solutions to their challenges. It is renowned by its 360 approach, that not […]

Muhammad Rahimtoola | Founder and Director | 24 World - Insights Success
24 World: An Ingenious Gaming Solution Provider

The global gaming industry has been observing a rapid growth over the last decade due to the increase in utilization of advanced technologies for the […]

Andreea Vaduva | Community Manager | Black The Fall - Insights Success
How VR Gaming Will Help Introverts To Socialize

With the rise of VR adoption and the involvement of the gaming industry in developing content for VR, the topic of social impact takes the […]

Michela Rimensberger | Board Chairman | Sycoforge - Insights Success
Sycoforge: Marching Ahead Towards a Gaming Revolution

In this modern age of technological advancements and stiff competition, providing the best possible service to the customers is of prime concern for every organization. […]

Adam Whiteside | Vicky Potts | Co - Founder | Whitepot Studios
Whitepot Studios: An Extraordinary Game Development and Creative Media Studio

Today, gaming industry is undergoing a phase of rapid development with recent innovations and advancements in technology which have all contributed to the overall enhancement […]

Timo Ylikangas | Kavio Cluster - Insights Success
Kavio Cluster: The Safety Cushion Every Gaming Company Needs

The gaming industry is witnessing an influx of enthusiasm and creativity in the business world unlike ever before. Today, entertaining games like Candy Crush Saga, […]

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and eSports
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and eSports: The Buzzwords of Gaming Industry where the Future lies

The gaming industry has evolved to a great extent over a period of time. It has pushed the envelope and adopted cutting edge technologies that […]

Cloud Gaming - Gaming over the Cloud - Insights Success
Gaming over the Cloud – The New Realm of this Era

Games have been known to push consumer computing platforms to their maximum capacity. In traditional systems such as desktop computers, it is often expected and […]