The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch

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Steve Melink | Founder & CEO | Melink Corporation - Insights Success

Melink Corporation: Where Innovation Is Core

The world sees new products and services come to market almost every day. Many assume these ‘inventions’ are the result of genius, or at least […]

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The Astute Panel - Insights Success
Innovation: The Catalyst in Human Evolution

Where We Came From The stroke of a rock against another rock gave early humans the idea of stone tools. Man started designing stone tools […]

customergcyngcoovation - Insights Succss
Should Innovation be Customer-driven?

If Henry Ford had questioned people what they wanted, would they really have said ‘faster horses’? In the realms of business and innovation, Henry Ford […]

Joseph Wharram | President | Computhink - Insights Success
Computhink: Transforming your Business Environment for the Future

Digital Environments continue to evolve at a breakneck pace with data streaming in from everywhere and from every type of device. Information and its management […]

Anne Marie | Founder & CEO | CoreHealth Technologies - Insights Success
CoreHealth Technologies: The #1 All-In-One Corporate Wellness Platform

Inspired by the idea of keeping people healthy and how technology and design drives success, CoreHealth Technologies was founded in 2004. Since its inception, CoreHealth […]

Dick Hyatt | President & CEO | Decisiv - Insights Success
Decisiv: Revolutionizing Service Event Management

In today’s global economy, there are so many factors to consider when selecting where and how your valuable commercial assets will be serviced. Thankfully, there […]

Steve Brodie | CEO | Electric Cloud - Insights Success
Electric Cloud: Every Business is a Software Business

DevOps Release Automation is a rapidly maturing area of IT. As with all new areas, there is plenteous confusion around what DevOps Release Automation really […]

Garrett Gafke | CEO | IdentityMind - Insights Success
IdentityMind: Online Risk Management & Compliance Automation

Founded and built on the premise of driving integrity back into the digital economy through creation and sharing of Digital Identities, IdentityMind provides real-time risk […]

Michael Gold | CEO | - Insights Success
Intermedia: The Security, Scalability, IT Management that you are looking for

There are hundreds of companies offering point solutions – just voice, storage, security, or email. But, a company with a difference having its office in the […]

Sheldon Arora | CEO | LiquidAgents Healthcare - Insights Success
LiquidAgents Healthcare: Pioneers in Healthcare Staffing

As the national nursing shortage continues to rise, medical systems and healthcare staffing firms across the board are struggling to find qualified healthcare talent to […]

Jay Breakstone | Founder & CEO | Liqid - Insights Success
Liqid: A Global leader in Composable Infrastructure

Liqid is a data center innovation company that develops disruptive solutions for the bare-metal cloud, enabling hyperscale agility to the masses. It delivers unprecedented infrastructure […]

Monica wooden | Co-Founder & CEO | MercuryGate International - Insights Success
MercuryGate: Leader in Transportation Management Software

Founded in 2000 and based in Cary, North Carolina, MercuryGate International, Inc. is a leading provider of SaaS Transportation Management Software (TMS) to the logistics […]

Sophie Ennadi | CEO | Najmtek - Insights Success
NAJMTEK: An Interactive Technology for Education

With a vision to create a powerful hardware and software tool that surpasses current devices to deliver a more advanced set of functionalities and experiences, […]

Stev Umbehocker | CEO | OSNEXUS - Insights Success
OSNEXUS: Cloud Connecting Software-Defined Storage with QuantaStor SDS

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) company OSNEXUS provides enterprise-class storage using commodity hardware and specialized software to deliver storage services, advanced features, and management capabilities on its […]

Dr. Cindy Gordon | CEO | SalesChoice - Insights Success
SalesChoice: Unlocking B2B Sales Productivity

B2B Sales productivity has dropped like a rocket, reaching levels of less than 30% productivity in customer focus (Accenture, 2016). Mobile Innovations have further impacted […]

Joey Benadretti | President & Joint MD | SYSPRO - Insights Success
SYSPRO: The ERP Partner that Simplifies Your Success

The unique quality of an ERP supplier is to understand the significant risks of implementing an ERP system in both large and small organizations. Their […]

Kaycee Lai | President & COO | Waterline Data - Insights Success
Waterline Data: Connect the Right People to the Right Data

In the recent past the Big Data buzz has disappeared, as the companies look to shift from cognizance to action. But with the sudden action […]

Mia Horrigan | CEO | Zen Ex Machina - Insights Success
Zen Ex Machina: Simplifying Complex Business Problems with Enterprise Agility

The digital economy has transformed the way both small and large businesses operate and engage with their customers. Competition, government policy, industry standards and regulations […]