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Madhu Kumar | North America Head & President | Digility - Insights Success

Madhu Kumar: Bringing Digitalization Forward

Today, organizations need the leaders who can completely understand the traditional ways of processing, have a firm grip on the technology trends, and use their […]

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Gordon Shevlin | CEO | Allgress - Insights Success
Gordon Shevlin: Innovating Strategies to provide Value to the Business

Gordon Shevlin, CEO of Allgress Inc., is responsible for building the right culture within his organization, imparting his employees with both product knowledge and the […]

Andy Khawaja | Founder and CEO | Allied Wallet - Insights Success
Dr. Andy Khawaja: Innovating to Grow his and his Customers’ Business

Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet, is responsible for ensuring the growth of his company by innovating the business procedures, the growth of […]

Andrew Bagrin | Founder & CEO | My Digital Shield - Insights Success
The Need to Understand the Necessity of Innovation

Bigger, faster, everywhere!  The measurement of how we rate technology in general, but more specifically data communications. From the days of spending hundreds of dollars […]

Chuck Patel | CEO | CHAMPS Analytics - Insights Success
Chuck Patel: A Man on a Mission with a Vision

Chuck Patel, CEO of CHAMPS Analytics, is responsible for all the aspects of the business. This dynamic person and graduate from the Georgia Institute of […]

Andrew Silver | Co - founder | Tango Networks - Insights Success
Managing Corporate Communications on Mobile Devices

By Andrew Silver, CTO Tango Networks There is a strange inconsistency in how enterprises manage mobile communications compared to other types of business communications. With […]

Dane Matheson | Vice President | Global Business Development - Insights Success
Disruptive Technology Organizations: Driving the Exponential Conglomerate

The 4th Generation of the Industrial Revolution has arrived, now too must come the companies! Doubletap Ventures is a select entry entrepreneur society and the […]

Every First Thing in the Mobile Industry - Insights Success
Every First Thing in the Mobile Industry

Today, the most important device we carry with us is our mobile phone. We are so dependent on mobiles that if we lose it, we […]

Every First Thing in the Mobile Industry - Insights Success
Role of Innovative Leadership in Innovative Businesses

Innovation in business acts like fuel for the vehicle, business simply cannot run without it. Innovation and research done by scientists do not always depend […]

Mohammed A Ghani | President & CEO | CheckMark - Insights Success
Mohammed A Ghani: Technologies on a Mission to help Small Businesses

Mohammed A Ghani, President and CEO, CheckMark, Inc. (USA) and Managing Director, CheckMark India Private Limited (India), like any Business Leader, has different responsibilities towards […]

Mark Nix | Founder and CEO | Cloud Logistics - Insights Success
Mark Nix: Innovating the Ways in Logistics

Mark Nix, Founder and CEO of Cloud Logistics, has been in the logistics software industry since graduating from The University of Tennessee in 1984, when […]

Robert Williams | Founder & President | Compsys - Insights Success
Robert Williams: Building Relationships with Customers and Employees

Robert Williams, Founder and President of Compsys, Inc., founded Compsys in 1992, with a vision to become a full service IT company that put its […]

Jianfei Xu | CEO and CTO | DRAXware - Insights Success
Jianfei Xu: A Leader who has the Ability to form a Vision around an Idea

Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO of DRAXware holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Alberta. In […]

John Rampton | Founder & CEO | Due - Insights Success
John Rampton: Entrepreneur, Connector, Online Influencer

John Rampton, Founder and CEO of Due is a serial entrepreneur and loves building amazing products and services that scale. Along with being an entrepreneur, […]

Manish Chowdhary | CEO | GoECart - Insights Success
Manish Chowdhary: Entreprenuer Obsessed with Working Hard

  A pioneering business leader can be compared to a concert organizer who knows precisely how the concert should be structured and what songs to […]

Patrick Katenkamp | President & CEO | incadea - A Cox Automotive Brand - Insights Success
Patrick Katenkamp: A Seasoned Automotive Leader

Patrick Katenkamp, President, Software International at Cox Automotive Inc – and CEO at the incadea Group, is a seasoned automotive expert with an understanding of […]

Alexander Kesler | President & CEO | inSegment - Insights Success
Alexander Kesler: Building Positive Aura around Businesses

Alexander Kesler, President & CEO, of inSegment, Inc. is a man of charismatic personality and far-sighted vision, who has left no stone unturned with his […]

Aluisio Figueiredo | CEO | Intelligent Security Systems - Insights Success
Aluisio Figueiredo: Paying Attention to All the Details

Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of Intelligent Security Systems, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ISS as well as overseeing the strategic development and execution of […]

Mr. A. M. Naik | Group Executive Chairman | Larsen & Tourbo - Insights Success
Mr. A. M. Naik: Empowering Business and Society with Passion and Devotion

Anil Manibhai Naik, Group Executive Chairman of Larsen & Toubro Limited is a visionary with an action plan. An engineer with the spirit of an […]

Greg McCutcheon | President | Opta Information Intelligence - Insights Success
Greg McCutcheon: Leader of Digital Transformation

When Greg McCutcheon got involved in the insurance industry, he pursued the opportunities to enhance and improve the workflow within this market. After more than […]

Mike LeRoy | President | Paper-Less LLC - Insights Success
Mike LeRoy: Multi-Talented Businessman with Multi-Functional Abilities

Mike LeRoy, President of Paper-Less, LLC., has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing technology industry. His expertise includes manufacturing execution systems (MES) and […]

Benny Cooley | Founder | PaySett Corporation - Insights Success
Benny Cooley: Innovating Solutions for The Way Money Moves®

Benny Cooley, Founder of PaySett Corporation, has founded PaySett with the vision of improving “The Way Money Moves®”. PaySett solely focuses on assisting financial institutions […]

Sekhar Puli | Managing Partner | REAN Cloud - Insights Success
Sekhar Puli: A Leader promoting Innovation and Patience

Sekhar Puli, Managing Partner of REAN Cloud, is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Global Operations on a day to day basis along with the company’s […]

Adam Rizika | COO | VidScale - Insights Success
Adam Rizika: VidScale Builds Lasting Partnerships among Service and Content Providers

Adam Rizika, Chief Operating Officer of VidScale, has over 8 years of experience in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market. Adam previously served as VP […]

Vittorio Colao | CEO | Vodafone Group - Insights Success
Vittorio Colao: Driving Change through Technology

Vittorio Colao, CEO, Vodafone Group, anticipates emerging industry trends, ensure that his team always focuses on their customers, seek out opportunities to create value for […]