The 20 Most Valuable IT Solution Provider Companies

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Robert Whitwell | CEO | Cloud Automation Solutions - Insights Success

Cloud Automation Solutions: Empowering Cloud Innovation

It’s Enterprise strategy, not just IT strategy  Many companies have lost visibility of their technology infrastructure and solutions. As companies are driven by the expediency of go to […]

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IoT Business will boost the Economy in the Next Decades

By José Antônio Scodiero, Director, Founding Partner of Fast Company Brazil The world of the Internet of Things promises to be the main engine of […]

Ed Don | Senior level Sales & Management Executive | Lumen21 - Insights Success
How does a HITRUST certified cloud provider benefit your healthcare organization?

The term HIPAA Compliant is widely used by many healthcare organizations and cloud vendors. But it begs two questions, what constitutes HIPAA Compliance, and is […]

Patrick Kerpan | CEO & Co-Founder | Cohesive Networks - Insights Success
Cohesive Networks: Keeping Your Applications Connected and Secure

When a team of visionary technologists formed Cohesive Networks, their aim was to deliver scalable, secure, on-demand, and easily consumable security to enterprises moving their […]

Niklas Rosen | President & CEO | Commercial IT Solutions - Insights Success
Commercial IT Solutions: Moving Businesses to the Cloud

Founded in 2005, as a Managed Services and Break-Fix company, Commercial IT Solutions has now evolved into one of the Top Managed Cloud companies in […]

Russ Albright | CEO & Co-Founder | Crosslake - Insights Success
Crosslake: Moving from Vision to Execution

A fundamental shift is happening in technology. The way infrastructure and applications are built and brought to market is changing rapidly. As IT infrastructure moves […]

Nick Puntikov | President & Chairman | First Line Software - Insights Success
First Line Software: Where Collaboration and Expertise Inspire Innovative, Top Quality Software Solutions

Since the company’s inception, First Line Software founders had a vision for introducing a partnership model they believed would increase the success rate of IT […]

Bruce Lehrman | Founder & CEO | Involta, LLC - Insighs Success
Involta: IT intelligence from a National Leader

Involta builds data centers that serve its customers while providing IT intelligence and end-to-end infrastructure services. The company functions for clients in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, […]

Maneesh Gupta | Co- Founder & Partner | Spectrum Technologies - Insights Success
Spectrum Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Innovation and Implementation

Plainly speaking, Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions are meant to improve the efficiency in sales operations and it is pure common sense that automation process […]

Philippe Vincent | CEO | Virtual Instruments - Insights Success
Virtual Instruments: Delivering Unparalleled Value to the Customers

Continuous evolution has been and will be the only constant thing in the business world to survive and win the race, and it has been […]

Jeh Daruvala | Founder & CEO | Yactraq - Insights Success
Yactraq: The Voice of Artificial Intelligence

Data is accelerating across the internet and many other channels, with audio, video, and text based channels are growing faster than ever. From a business […]

The Best time to invest in Cloud Computing is now - Insights Success
The Best time to invest in Cloud Computing is now

Cloud computing, which is often referred to as simply “Cloud” is basically the practice of using a network which is hosted by remote servers on […]

Seeking Out the Next Frontier in Software Solutions - Insights Success
Seeking Out the Next Frontier in Software Solutions

Data has the latent to advance the quality of business decisions by empowering text and data mining of vast amounts of deliverable actionable insights which […]